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Hi everyone, my name's Lily, I'm 19 had pretty bad acne for 5 or so years, feel like i've tried absolutely everything hoping i don't have to resort to accutane but my skins got pretty horrendous in the past few months, has already scarred quite alot even after several painfull dermaroller sessions and im just so sick of it!! I'm at university in the UK and what's putting me off accutane is not being able to drink for so long. I'm moving to Australia this summer and it'd be an absolute dream to have clear skin before I go but I just cant decide if accutane's worth it.. Would say I do already suffer from depression, 100% because of the acne but can't imagine the accutane making it much worse.. Was just wondering if there's anyone at university or college with any advice about accutane.

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I'm not at university but I guess it comes down to which you want more - clear skin or drinking alcohol.

I'm starting on Friday, and I just wish I'd done this sooner (ie. when I was at uni). I was actually referred to a dermatologist whilst at uni but he put me on Epiduo which helped but didn't work, I wish I had gone on accutane instead now.

Sorry I don't have any good advice for you, good luck whatever you decide!

Month 1 - 20mg/day

Month 2 - 20mg/day

Month 3 - 40mg/day

Month 4 - 40mg/day

Month 5 - 40mg/day

Month 6 - 40mg/day

Month 7 - 40mg/day

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im in the same situation, just that a healthy lifestyle kelpt me clear, but its just to muc effort to mantain a good social life. You wont be able to eat a cheeseburger with your friends, so i think accutane totally worth it, stay strong for the initial breakout (if you have it) and stay positive!!!

My log might be helpful for you,check it out!! tongue.png

-I controlled my acne after cutting off whey protein, after 4 months it came back.

-Then i tried an strict paleo diet, it worked. But the ocassional few pimples didnt let my PIH fade

-I wasnt happy with my routine, coudnt drink with my friends, eat different food and the worst: i was loosing confidence

-When my PIH was fading, i broke out, because i tried vitamin C to end with the ocassional pimples, which might cause stomach irritation=break out

- I wasnt happy because of my diet, just broke out, and i started accutane asap.

- Currently, im taking accutane even thought my acne is mild, but with persistant PIH, just few weeks left, no more pimples anymore.

"If i had a wish, i woudnt ask for flawless skin, I'd ask for the maxium of confidence"

Poeple think they are going to be happy and confident if they get rid of their acne...well..they are totally wrong

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thanks, appreciate the advice. just trying to have an as normal social life as possible without acne completely taking over everything!

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I was in my freshman year of college while I was on Accutane. Now I highly reccomend that you don't drink while you are on the drug because it can severely effect your liver. However, seeing my skin clear up while on it made me even more of a social butterfly. I would go at least once a month to get liver and blood tests to make sure I was ok. I won't lie, I did drink while on the drug maybe 1x or 2x a week, and the confidence of having clear skin made me feel even better about myself and helped shape my personality to who I am today. the first couple of months of Accutane are hard, and the IB is really something that differs from person to person (mine lasted along time and was really severe), but as I've stated before Accutane was the best decision I ever made. My acne did come back after it was all said and done, but NOT NEARLY as severe and I'm able to control it using Dan's BP. It's really a personal decision and you have to decide what is most important in your life. 8-10 months of not much partying and getting clear skin or 8-10 of trying to get rid of your depression by partying so extensively it may make your skin worse. I'm sure you'll make the right choice smile.png

Edited by Vince Is A Stud Muffin

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I persist - I persist - I think I'm hiding

I've lost my soul - No happiness


Are you ashamed

- of what you've become

You call my name ---

You call my name --- I try to run

I've lost my soul --- no happiness


Check out my accutane progress pics

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I would honestly go with the accutane if I were you. Giving up a few months of drinking will suck, I won't lie to you, but trust me, in the long run you'll feel more rewarded having your skin problems gone, and after that you'll have the rest of your life to drink and party as much as you want. And even while your on accutane, you might be able to get away with a bit of drinking every now and again depending on what your dosage is, but limit yourself, and the less drinking the better.

Good luck with whatever choice you do make.

Captainawesome's Accutane Log

Side Effects: Dry lips, dry skin, swollen right eyelid, dry eyes, dry nose. All side effects got significantly less severe over time.



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Not gonna lie I was drinking on accutane tutut. The stuff worked really well in the short term. But the best way to stay clear for the long run is some diet changes.

Try avoiding high gi foods, dairy and too much caffeine. Acne is a hormonal thing and they all affect your hormones in a bad way. Drink plenty of water.

Interesting article with more information here:

Be sure to get calcium from other sources.

Wash your face twice a day with something gentle. A lot of products aggravate things. I like this cleanser

Also moisturise only when your skin is getting too dry (which can be a lot if you use harsh products). Max twice a day.

Be sure to use a non-comedogenic moisturiser (will not clog your pores). Hard to find but this is the best thing I have found in 5 years,

Personally think drinking alcohol is okay ( have really acne prone skin), its more what you drink (try stay away from caffeine and sugary drinks).

My post on how I have stayed clear for over 3 years now:

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