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On Reg Since November: Zits Better Blackheads Worse- Discuss.

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So here's the scoop:

-I've been using the regimen since November of 2011.

-In the past, I have had light to moderate acne with a real lean toward the moderate side (Pops had acne, Mum's flawless). I'm 25 now, but skin has been pretty consistently crappy since I went through puberty: Classic combination, oily and dry with several big guys and a smattering of blackheads across my nose (usually dry out in the summer, not too serious) at any given time.

-I use all of Dan's products, cleanser, BP, moisturizer and occasionally AHA- love them

-I have continued to wear makeup through this process, (ladies, Jane Iredale has created the least outbreaks on my face) though much less than in the past. When i'm at home almost always no makeup, during work/school days I do wear it to conceal.

-I've been using a Clarisonic Mia since January, i'm not sure if it's done much but I like it enough to keep using it.

MY Experience so far has been pretty good. At this point, I'm very rarely getting any zits or pimples.

****So then, why are my blackheads so much worse than they've even been?****

I'm getting them in places I never use to get them (either side of chin, cheeks) and some of them are quite large. Some come right out with a little prodding, others are just totally lodged in there.

Has anyone else experienced this?? Is this a part of the regiment? Why would my zits and pimples dry up and leave me with all new blackheads?

You all are savvy, help a lady out.

Thank you!

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hmm, could be from the clarisonic, have you gotten them before you used it? Might be causing extra irritation and messing your skin up. The regimen really helps my blackheads (mainly on my nose). They look much smaller and less defined...even more so than when i've used BHA in the past.

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Thanks for responding. Interesting theory- one of the reason's why I got the clarisonic was to help with the newly forming blackheads. Possibly the clarisonic has helped dredge up junk and this is the result?

how long have you been on the reg for? How visable are your blackheads now?

I guess this isn't a typical reaction as 100 people have viewed this thread with no commrad. :(

It's not too bad, for sure, I just long for realllllyyy clear skin.

Which leads to another question:

What does "clear" really look like after the regimen??? I keep expecting tiny pores and no bumps and wonder if it's just a pipe dream.

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