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Hi y'all,

I (girl, aged 18) have been suffering from acne for a long period: acne slowly started to run when I was 11, and from the age of 13 my face (and back) were even excessively covered with spots.

Sadly, I have to deal with a genetic form of acne. I got the gene from my dad, whose active acne calmed when he was in his early 20s. His acne was very extreme.

I tried a lot of creams and oils, really numerous options (too many to mention them all), also benzyl peroxide, I went to a skin care specialist and she gave me stuff for at home, and once per 2 weeks she treated my skin and squeezed the pimples. It got a little better, but eventually, always new inflammations appeared up, and they keep lasting on my skin as an old, red "carpet" (if you know what I mean with that)... Maybe that is the thing that I hate the most about my acne: when I have spots, they never really disappear. I may use some oils for it, and then the inflammations simmer down, but you can still see old, red-coloured rests, rooted into my skin. It becomes part of the skin tissue, like a "flat" form of foggy, ancient acne. Get what I mean with that? This type really seems to never disappear. sad.png Every pimple leaves its mark. Gah, I'm fed up with my abundance of heritages!

Over the last years, I got more and more (white marks) scars from past acne, especially on back, although my scars are not severe like some people have. I also have large pores, especially on my nose. At the moment, my forehead is free from active acne, but my skin structure is still harmed (miniscule "holes") because of the spots that plagued it in past. My neck is the place I get affected the most. I regularly have bigger cysts there.

At the moment, I've been through 5 sessions of microdermabrasion + ALA-PDT (laser) (from October '11-February '12). It's not really cheap to say the least, and to be honest, I was hoping for better progress. sad.png I'm overly fed up with my acne. My face has been spotty for over 5 years now. I really don't know anyone else (from school or whatever) in my area, with a similar form of acne. I have always been the worst. sad.png

Okay, what's next?? I'm thinking of something more radical. I want a very effective strategy to destroy my facial + back acne in little time (as fast as possible). Something that LITERALLY "cuts" it. Creams and lasers that have an indirect curing method, simply don't work for me: they improve the cure of inflammations, but my skin still looks bad, as the acne stays as a rest form. And it doesn't remove scars.

I know that there are lasers that work with "skin layers". They do what I want: they literally remove affected skin. BUT for such, it is a necessity that your acne is completely inactive: no more inflammations. With me, that is impossible, 'cause my acne is an endless flow of new and new pimples/cysts.

I feel extremely hopeless about this. What is my outlook with acne? It affects my whole life.

So far this story. What I found, was a small amount of information about LIQUID NITROGEN for curing acne. This stuff is immediately, after touching your skin, doing its job: it removes the skin. (Which needs a healing period, of course!) And it works for BOTH fresh pimples and old scars. Even any acne form in between. That sounds very interesting to me and I want to seriously consider this. Although, in my country, there's not an institute for this type of acne treatment. And there's still a lot I wanna know (couldn't find much info). Same goes for experiences.

Also, I'm a bit in doubt about the safety, 'cause it seems tricky to me... I mean, I have experience with liquid nitrogen from doctor, to remove a wart (when I was very young), so I know that it freezes your skin and it's an irreversible process.

- How to bring it onto your skin? For how long? And what is a common dosage?

- How to make sure that you don't remove "too much" of your skin? I mainly want to use it for my neck area, where old acne has widely rooted, but also my shoulders, and other parts of the face. This means that I don't want to mark single spots, but I need to spread the nitrogen over wider areas.

- What happens during the process? What can you notice?

- What does your skin look like afterwards?? Is it a deep wound, which needs a lot of time to heal? And is it a risky thing with healing? I'm afraid that it might make sense for pigment, or that it even brings scars, any kind of damage. I just want a smooth, normal looking skin, with a normal strucure, like anyone else has.

- Any side effects? Risks that are worth mentioning?

- How do I get it??? Is it possible for doing at home (with my mom as assistant, for example?)? Can't find any institutes...

Any suggestion, idea or experience is welcome, I'd really appreciate it. Also, I'd like to see before and after pics (if available).

Oh and if anything isn't clear to you, don't hesitate to ask for further explanation, I know that I use a LOT of words, LOL. tongue.pngbiggrin.png

Thanks for reading my thread!! wink.png

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oh man, liquid nitrogen is some nasty stuff. I've had warts removed with it in the past also, and I "play" with it sometimes in my lab when we need to refill the supply. It feels like you are getting stabbed by 1000 little knives, its much more like a burning feel than a cold feeling. I would HIGHLY recommend leaving the use of liquid nitrogen to a profession, do not put it on your face by yourself!! You will severely burn and irritate your skin. Its dangerous and volatile, you dont want it on your face

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