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Accutane And Cysts/keloids

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Hey guys, I'm thinking if my current treatment doesn't show any results, I'm going to go with accutane. My question is this. I'm not entirely sure what to consider all the types of acne that I have, but I'm scared that a lot of the acne I get are pretty much keloids. I have had so many of these things for years now. They stay the same size and have a red color to them. Most of them dont feel swollen or inflamed they just dont go away. Most of these I have had for over 3 or 4 years and I'm really scared. So do you think accutane could take care of these keloids or cysts if thats what they really are? I have a derm appointment next week all I want to do is cry because I'm going to have these things for life on my neck / shoulders / back. Has anyone with this type of acne had results from using accutane?

My Accutane Log - Started 3/22/12

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