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Tetralysal + Epiduo

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Hi, i'm 21 old man from Miami. I have acne when I got 15years old. So 6 years fightin'... My acne is (in rating 0 - 10) hmm 3.

3 days ago I was in doctor and he prescribed me antibiotic Tetrarysal (Tetracycline) and Epiduo Gel

0-7 day of treatment 600mg tetralysal/daily

7- to cure of treatment - 300mg tetralysal /daily

Today is my 4th day with Tetralysal.

Dose: 2x 300mg

And one spot for epiduo

My acne status:

Forehead - now 2 small acne and 5 scabs (yea just squeezed) - but for scabs I use cream with Vit. A, and i think scabs will be delete for 3 days. 2 small acne I smearing epiduo gel

Neck - clean

Back - clean

Forehead clean status - 70%

I think, the tetralysal help me wink.png

Acne pic:


RED - Acnes

Blue - Scabs

For Red - Epiduo for drying

For Blue - Vitamine A or cream Alantan Pluse (Allantoinum) for faster wound healing

My psyche diagram:

0-20% - i'm depressed f*ck the world

21-40% - i'm broken, shitt

41-50% - i'm disappointed ,

51-70% - i'm neutral , is good but I need be better

71-80% - it's OK =) My psyche is good and my face is good =))

81-90% - My life is brilliant =) My psyche is very good, and my face is gooooood =)

91-95% - Just perfect my life -) Life is in colour and i can be free =))

95-99% - (If acne without my face minimum 3months) - Just free , without problems with skin

100% - Soon wink.png , if acne without my face minimum one later - acne??? what is it? - joke ^^

It's my 4th day of treatment so..

1 day of treatment - psyche - 45% (SCABS!!!!!)

2 day of treatment - psyche - 48% (SCABS!!!!)

3 day of treatment - psyche - 49% (STILL SCABS)


If you can, comment my log and wish succes wink.png

Washing FACE:

3-4 nights a week

1step: La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel Moussant Purifiant - washing face

2step: La Roche Posay, Gommage Surfin Physiologique Peeling - peeling face for prepare for the mask

3step: Face mask with green glonka (antibacterial,cleansing) for 15-20minutes *

4step - washing face without mask

5step: again Gel Moussant Purifiant - washing face

6 step: La Roche Posay Effaclar Lotion Astringente Micro-Exfoliante TONIC - on dried face

waiting a 5-10minutes and

7step: - La Roche-posay Effaclar M Daily Mattifying Moisturizer creaming face

* one time face mask with green glonka , one time face mask with yeast , one time face mask antiacne (tapering face pores)

Special goods:

I take 1000mg omega 3

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Dose: 2x 300mg tetralysal

My acne status:

Forehead: 2 small acnes, and 5scabs (dried) - smeared scubbs vitamine A

Psyche status: 50%

Without changes

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