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I Think I Have Acne Scarring

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Hey when i was 12 i started getting acne i would say it was moderate until i was 15 then i went to the doctor and he prescribed doxycycline and after being put on that i would never really break out but it didn't make my old spots go away so after being on doxycycline and having a healthy lifestyle for 6 months i only have around 4 spots on my face but around my cheek area i have like a really red area were i have these little black holes. I was just wondering if anyone else has had these and if it is scarring. When i first got acne i researched it and people were saying never touch your skin so i would never moisturize my face i would just wash my face with water i mostly had showers so i would just washing my face in the shower but i just recently started having baths instead since i just got my bathroom done out and everytime i go in the bath my face peels like all this white skin and when i rub it off my face goes very red i know that this is not related to scarring but any helps would be appreciated thanks.

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