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Needing Advice/good Products For Red/dark Spots Please ! :(

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In the past couple months my acne seems to be vanishing.

I've been using Noxzema lathering face cleanser, and it works wonders for me.

I use clean and clear dual-action moisturizer w/salicylic acid.

haven't started using a toner yet, but i plan to, just to downsize my pores... maybe need to find a good product for that too, if you can help smile.png

anyways, even though my acne has calmed down soo much to the point where i don't get those annoying under-the-skin pimples... i am now left with these gross acne scar marks that really make me insecure to go anywhere without makeup on.

i would really like to clear my skin up by summer, so i wont have to do my makeup everyday, and be able to be comfortable in my own skin!!! sad.png

My skin-type is oily, skin is somewhat sensitive, it tends to flake if harsher products are applied.

anybody have any suggestions?

thank you xx.

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Sillicone based scar gels really can help with pigmentation. I assume you just have pigmentation, and not depressed scars? Also, asking a doctor for a prescription of Hydroquinone might be somthing to consider. It breaks up melanin pigments, and I think if you combined the used of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone, you could get results by summer! :) The Tretinoin would speed up cell turnover, and the hydroquinone would break up the pigment. That's my imput... :)proud.gif

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