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Starting Month 4 On Accutane (Claravis) 80 Mg

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Hello All

Decided to make my own post to get specific responses from you generous people.

I am about to start month 4 on accutane. this might be my last month, if not the second to last.

on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), my acne started out as a 6 or 7 honestly. huge cysts, large red areas mostly concentrated around my mouth/chin, and forehead region. some on the jawline as well.

i started off with 40mg a day (once a day) for a month to my derm's enthusiasm, then bumped up to 60 mg a day (two 30s a day) for month 2. when i saw her after month 2 she decided to pull me back down to 50 mg a day (alternating 40mg one day, 60mg the next to average 50mg for the month) so i wouldnt break out as much.

the past time i saw her, at the end of month 3 (a couple weeks earlier though since she was going on vacation and i didnt want to miss my next prescription) she thought for a few minutes and decided to up me to 80mg a day (two 40s a day) with caution and hesitation.

in the past two weeks since ive seen her, i have alternated the first week on only 40mgs, and the past week on only 60 mgs. after the first week, my skin was MUCH better, just a few scars remaining. but now after the following week on 60mg, i have a couple minor breakouts (nothing too big though).

Im wondering if i should go up to 80mg? Should i go up to make sure everything (all the oil and pimples) comes out before the end of my treatment? or should i go down to 40 mg and ease off for my last month (or maybe second to last month)

any and all advice would be appreciated!

OH and she also prescribed me dicloxacllin to reduce the inflammation/redness. anybody have any experience with dicloxacillin and accutane?


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