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Products That Work & Ones To Avoid!

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Hello everyone, I created an account today to share with all of you my success!

First off, let me tell you about my skin. I get average whiteheads all over as well as more cystic-type pimples on my lower cheeks, chin, and jawline. Sometimes I even get a couple on my forehead. Basically, all over! Also, I have blackheads all over my nose, and big pores on my upper cheeks around my nose. Also, mild body acne. Sigh. I could never go out without a full face of liquid foundation! Until...

First positive change I've made to my routine is changing my conditoner! Yes, my HAIR conditioner! I found that whenever I used a conditioner with Silicones in it, my skin immediately worsened. Cystic acne severely increased on my forehead and chest/shoulders/back. I now use Tresemme Naturals. Make sure your shampoo contain Silicones as well.

Now, I've tried MANY products! (Thousands of $$$). Natural remedies as well as medicated. The only product that improved my skin in the slightest was Proactiv (specifically the repair lotion), and I've been using it on and off for about 5 years. Proactiv made my acne dry up quicker especially after popping a whitehead or cyst (ew!), but left scab-like marks that took weeks, sometimes months to fade completely. Besides that, it's also super expensive.

Finally, I heard about Clean & Clear Persa Gel 10, great reviews on the web, and I knew my skin responded to BP. I picked up Walgreens generic version for around 4 bucks. Two days in and my skin was clearing up more than it ever had! But it was even more drying then proactiv, and while the cystic acne was flattening my skin was taking on a flakey, pinky irritated appearance. So I went to walmart and picked up a tube of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream! Absolutely beautiful results!

By using these products, as well as a few simple cleansers, my skin is smooth, glowing, pores have shrank, no cystic acne, no whiteheads, blackheads are starting to clear!

My Simple Routine:

• Morning

- Wash with Neutrogena Cleanser/Mask ($6) OR Olay Sensitive Skin Foaming Face Wash ($6) if skin feels a bit dry

- Spread on a small amount of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. ($7 for tube, $11 for jar) Depending on how dry my skin feels, I may or may not dab problem areas with a thin layer Walgreens Maximum Strength Gel. ($4)

• Night

- Shower off makeup with Olay Sensitive Skin Foaming Face Wash. Sometimes I'll use St. Ives Scrub for Sensitive Skin ($4) if my skin feels really dirty.

- Same as second step for the morning. Cetaphil & Walgreens BP gel. Sometimes I just mix them together, about 70/30 respectively.

Ta-daaaaaaa! Clear skin for the first time since before puberty. I would love to hear anyone else's experiences with any of these products, as well as from those who have tried my routine!

Thank you!

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I just go here to to see if a product is good or not.

she's a skin expert/specialist

Claravis 40mg started 10/12/11

Stopped on 11/10/11 because of Liver Functioning and High Cholesterol.

Recontinued 3/16/12 - Finished 8/25/12

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Proactiv worked for me too! I recently stopped using proactiv. I use Dr. Bronner soap on my face and then I apply aloe vera (fresh). I stopped using proactiv 3 months ago and applied Dr.Bronner soap.. then I started to break out with small zits.. a lot!! around mouth.. I started using aloe vera (fresh) instead of BP.. I was like, I am done with chemicals on my skin!! so I did research on how to treat zits, redness, etc.. naturally and I found aloe vera!! It works great!! my skin is very smooth and it does dry pimples so fast and reduces redness. My skin was awful like 2 days ago.. now it is almost completely clear.

Thought I should share to treat pimples without chemicals!!

Best way to make your skin smooth and clear eventually:

Plant-based diet is the best medicine for everything.. That's if you consume at least 80% raw, mainly from veggies and fruits.

Exercising: cardio is great for skin and lifting a bit.

Thinking positive and try not to stress or think about acne.

I am doing these and my skin is currently very smooth and clearing up!

I am a vegan raw 100%. I feel better, have more energy, saving animals a year, glow skin, I look younger, etc.

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