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Is This Regimen Good For Oily Skin?

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I want to know if this regimen is right for skin that is tight after washing but oily in can I make my skin NOT oily during the day?

1. Wash face in shower with Benzoyl Peroxide 10% creamy wash (told to by dermatologist)

2. Use Eucerion regular lotion, although on back it says apply to dry skin. Again, dermatologist, but only until my skin stopped drying from medication (which it has)

3. Workday, and by 11 or 11:30 my skin is oily. If I don't put on powder, it's terribly by 3 pm.

4. Go home, gape at oil.

5. Wash face right before bed, use Eucerin and prescribed tetrinoin cream.

Now, I don't have zits like I used to. I have scars, but will take care of those after my skin isn't oily!

Please tell me if this is okay, and what foundation and moisturizer is good for oily skin?


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