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Loofah Recommendations For Back Acne?

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Hi there -

I am a 22 year old athletic male looking for some acne advice.

I am looking for some help to solving shoulder and back acne. I've had the same type of acne, in the same location for a couple of years now. I have mild acne, with some cysts unfortunately, on my shoulders and a little across upper back. I have moderate pimples on the shoulder blades and along the lower middle back. Lastly, I have some reoccurring small pimples along the middle of my chest, between my pecks. It fluctuates from mild to severe.

Some things that I consistently do which could help or worsen this back/shoulder acne:

- always use 10% benzoyl paroxide and a dove deep moisturizing body wash

- shower twice a day, exfoliate 3 times a week with a face/body mask

- wash sheets and towel once every 2-3 weeks

- workout frequently in cutoffs that may aggravate skin with friction and sweat...but shower or rinse right after

- sleep with a cutoff t-shirt on (better to sleep shirtless?)

- sometime re-use under-shirts at work (desk job... I need to improve here)

Is there anything I am doing blatantly wrong? Does any one have any suggestions to break up this routine?

My thoughts have been to add a loofah. However, I don't know if I should apply soap to it, use it on dry skin with no product, use it on wet skin, what kind of loofah to get etc. I'm very oblivious to loofahs as a guy but I've heard it can help.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

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