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Finally I Am Rid Of Acne!

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Hi guys,

Yes, this is my very first post. For years I have been leaching from here and all over the internet on the topic of "acne" and not contributing to forum. I dunno why, but I have never felt like posting, and today I have decided to post my success story. I hope this helps people who are suffering with acne like I did.

I have been suffering from acne for a very long time. It was very bad early on and slowly became moderate. Then it always stayed that way, until a few months back. Now, I don’t have zits anymore. I always had 4-5 zits on my face every day during my moderate acne period. Some odd days I would have way more like 10. Once they subsided, new ones would appear. I have tried acne free in 3 days, Benzoyl peroxide, and other over the counter topical products. I also tried antibiotic treatment recommended by my dermatologist and it never worked. Acne runs in my genes, my father had it very bad and so did my brother.

After so much of searching on the internet with frustration I settled with a regimen and followed it, as it was the easiest and didn't affect my normal life as it was easy and not embarrassing to follow. (Previous regimens included creams that I had to apply and certain people always noticed it and asked me about it which was embarrassing to explain)

Tablets Regimen

3 capsules of Cod Liver Oil Capsules (Brand seven seas) (After lunch and dinner) - The brand I use is seven seas, but I guess it doesn't matter which brand

2 capsules of vitamin B complex with zinc (Brand - zevit -- has all b vitamins + Vit C+ zinc) - (after lunch and dinner)

1 capsule of Vit A (After dinner) - 25,000 IU

Topical Regimen

Wash face 3 times - morning(Bath) , afternoon and before sleeping with soap (non comodegenic) (Sometimes more if it feels oily- but without soap)

In the last few weeks, I have reduced it to twice(with soap) cause it doesn't get oily at all.

If I use soap, I immediately apply moisturizer on face (non comodegenic) very lightly (one pump or less) to avoid making my skin dry up.

Never let your skin dry, or oily. If oily, wash with soap and apply moisturizer. If dry, apply moisturizer only. In my case, I was super oily. But once I used soap, my skin turned very dry in a minute. It would stay dry for about and hour and my face would become oily again. Once I applied moisturizer, it didn't get dry and stayed supple for a long time. After a few days I stopped having oily skin. I suppose, my body automatically reacts to the dryness and produces oil, which becomes a vicious circle.

Other Regimen

I stopped looking into the mirror except when washing my face. Obviously this has nothing to do with your acne, but when you reduce the frequency, you will see your confidence improve as you forget how messed up your face is. Second, when you skin heals you will really see the results and you will feel more confident. I recommend you do this, but it has no physical impact on your acne, just psychological.

Food Regimen

I have tried all kinds of food regimen. Nothing worked. But, I have noticed that staying off from dairy products helped me reduce breakouts. I am not sure why, but then I stopped Yogurt and reduced milk to just morning cereal. I have tried a fully vegetarian diet and other similar so called "healthy" diets, but it didn't work for me. Nowadays I eat whatever I like, including a lot of fast food, soda and other "unhealthy" foods. Yes they are unhealthy and I should start eating healthy again, but I am sure they have nothing to do with acne.

I also have started switching from whiskey, rum etc to drinking a lot of beer. I have no clue whether it plays any role in my acne cure, but I am just laying it down. I sometimes don't drink for like 3 weeks and drink a lot in one single week and sometimes it is all random. I'm in college so you I hope you can relate.

Basically I didn't have a food regimen, atleast not something I would recommend. Cause I eat unhealthy and I smoke.

I followed this regimen strictly and in a few months (4-5 months), my skin cleared. Yes, you don't see overnight results, but you will see remarkable improvements. In the 2nd month, I had certain days(1-2), where I was acne free, but then I used to break out after that. The best part was that the : amount of breakouts reduced and the interval between breakouts increased. This kind of gave me a boost, as some days I felt confident, as I didn't have pimples oozing out certain days. Beware, this interval period can be counter productive to you. When my zits returned, I kind of got frustrated and I started popping and picking pimples. Certain zits can be popped, but certain cystic ones are better left alone. Just forget it exists and go on with your lives.

Thats it! My brother has been following this regimen and his skin has greatly improved (he is still on it), so I believe this should work for others out there. Atleast you should give it a try. After all what have you got to lose?

I don't have time to review what I wrote, but I hope I am making sense. I will come back and review some time later.

Feel free to reply and ask further questions if you want to.

Thanks to the forum and I will contribute more here.

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Nice, man! Just be careful with the dosage of the Vitamin A that you are taking.

Excessive amounts of vitamin A (15,000 to 25000 UI) may lead to liver damage, headaches, vomiting, abnormal vision, constipation, hair loss and loss of appetite, bone pain, sleep disorders and dry skin. It’s generally advisable to not to take too much of the vitamin as it is not easily flushed out from the system like other water soluble vitamins. Over consuming this vitamin can flood the liver storage and cause toxicity to the blood stream.

I'm saying that because Cod liver oil serving 1 tsp already have 4,500 UI of Vitamin A plus the dosage that you are taking of vitamin A. That can be dangerous...

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@fellps - Initially I had slight dizziness, but nowdays I don't have any of those symptoms. I know about the vitamin A toxicity, but I just wanted to get rid of acne, so I didn't care about those side effects. But now since I am rid of it, I will stop taking the extra vitamin A capsule and stick to cod liver oil capsules for Vit a, and see how it goes.

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Glad to know it.

I know how you feel... I have cystic acne since a was 15 yrs old. I've tried everything to get rid but we can't risk our health because of it, right?

I've been on Accutane twice and i know what you're talking about. I just hope that my acts in the past doesn't reflect in the future.

Today my face is 90% clear (10% = dairy+fast-food+sugar) and for me that is good enough.

If your acne comes back, go ahead and take a look at my topic. See if you can get some information there.

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