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I Feel Like I Hav E No Solution Right Now!

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Hi everyone,

I have been now battling with acne for quite some time. I am 26 and part asian and it took me this long to realize i was allergic/intolerant to most of the things that work.

I used to take acutane but had to stop as i was moving to the USA from Europe and couldn't get a prescription here (too expensive!) it was working but i was going blind! not really blind but my eyes used to hurt and currently still do after a year and half (they get dry easily and sensitive to the sun) which sucks cause im a photographer.

Prior to that i took a bunch of doxycycline + other similar medication combined with differin. Differin made my skin itchy and red but i never though i was allergic. so i kinda had clear skin for a moment then would relapse badly. it wasn't a good long term treatment.

So after all that, i decided to use proactive (i had no money for insurance, so no dermatologist). i think this was the worst acne moment of my life! i had the rawest red painful skin ever. i was crying! i have cystic acne on my cheeks and near my eye brows (i notice a lot of asians have it on their cheeks too) But still i wanted to stick to proactive till i started resembling elephant man and found myself un able to go to work as my eyes were to swollen to open fully and my lips were puffy. thats when i realized i may be allergic to benzol peroxyde which at least now made sense to me.

so recently ive been taking yasmin which i had taken once a few years back and now i remember why i stopped! it makes me insomniac! and my stomach really hurts.

What other solution works? im running out of ideas?

Ive also tried

Apple cider vinegar which doesnt do much

So far ive been altering at night Eau d'avene Cicalfate (removes scars, has a lot of zinc) and tri acneal (renews skin i think has some sort of glycolic acid in it) Plus Dr Murad sulfur based local treatment

It's the most efficient i've used but i still end up with bad scars and find myself covering up all the time an d staring at women with good skin

i am open to ideas!

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It might help to think of all prescriptions and face products as scams that prey on our insecurities. Acne is not cause by a prescription deficiency.

I've seen many people on here get clear by changing their diet. They have found that they are intolerant to certain foods, and/or they blood sugar problems. Here are a few examples.

Insulin resistance is a major factor in acne, and there are some foods that humans have not evolved to eat, such as cow's milk and grains.

I recently started eating a low glycemic load diet to help my blood sugar. I already limit dairy, and with my low gl diet I accidentally limited grains too. My acne looks better already, but I'll have to give it some time before I know if it works for me. A low glycemic load diet and limiting dairy and grains is good for you anyway, so it wouldn't hurt to try.

How I Stay Clear:

  • Accutane 5mg/day
  • Probiotics 25 billion organisms/day
  • Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser 2x/day

Low Dose Accutane Log

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Hi Omnivium,

I was so helpless i didnt even care to check back. Recently, i had a really bad yeast infection (sorry if tmi) againnnn and did a little internet search. I was reading up on Candida overgrowth and didnt link the two until i started the diet ( i havent done the cleanse yet, i dont have the courage to do so)

Its been a week and i am amazed!

You are right, its the sugar and the wheat too.

Its hard to adjust to a new diet but i havent had any other breakouts. My skin is alive and beautiful.

I cant believe ive been living for 10 yrs with this problem and this was the solution.

I will update u with my regimen but i think i really need to do the cleanse to kill all the yeast in my body arghhh

im french so eating no bread/pastries is killing me but i feel better so im sticking to it

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