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Syringe When Applying Tca Cross?

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Hi guys,

On the 19th Jan this year I went to my local dermatologist for some TCA. He initially put me on a regime to clear up the blackheads/pore problem i have on my nose and cheeks for a 6 week period and it worked great so I trusted his advice.

I have a few scarred pores on my nose and I made sure I did a lot of research on the topic of TCA cross before I went ahead with it. He actually suggested the procedure before I even asked him about it which instilled confidence in me.

He told me to stay very still and try to control my breathing as he applied so I didn't move, however just as he began to apply I noticed he was using a very small syringe to apply the TCA and not a toothpick. Is this normal?? I haven't read anywhere else of this happening.

Also I read you need to press firmly when applying TCA and I didn't feel a thing. It was as if he was just "dropping" the acid into the scarred pores or releasing it very slowly from the syringe. And for this reason I'm a little worried he didn't get right into the centre of each scarred pore and may have got some on the edges which is bad right?

With all that being said everything frosted over nicely and the scabs have formed. It's been 9 days now and I've just had my first 2 or 3 scabs fall of this morning. They are deeper, redder and a touch bigger but I was expecting that as my skin is still repairing itself.

I'm just worried he may have not been experienced in the procedure and may have "winged it" as everybody seems to apply with a toothpick pressed firmly into the affected areas.

Any responses would be great.



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Hey Mike,

I did read about doctors applying the TCA with needles. I just hope he didn't put too much TCA because that can cause a scar. Look at my posts, I'm going through the same experience as you are.

Has the appearance of your treated areas improved ?

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