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Someone Please Settle The Vitamin E Oil (Topical) Debate!

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So I have been thinking lately about Vitamin E and other anti inflammatory oils and what not.

According to this study (which I am sure many have read) vitamin e inhibits collagen production:

As far as I understand this is because it is an anti inflammatory and the inflammatory phase is a part of the healing process. So my question is why is it “okay” or even a good idea to use emu oil or something similar in place of Vitamin E oil (which has been used for a long time)?

The article states that Vitamin E oil combined with Vitamin A (topical) does not inhibit the collagen production. Do is it okay or is it a good idea to use Vitamin E oil together with a retinoid or something similar (that contains vitamin a)?


If I am totally wrong please tell me why. - I don't understand the science all that well. It's not my forte.


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emo oil and vitamin E both heal the skin.

if wrinkles are ur concern i read vitamin C and Retinol (vitamin A) are great for wrinkles.

But "there is no single miracle ingredient for skin." "Think about it like your diet. Although broccoli or grapes may be incredibly healthy to eat, if you eat only those foods your health will suffer. Skin is a complex structural organ that requires many substances to function in a younger and healthier manner. And by that, I mean to function the way it did before it became damaged by the sun."

why not just use a retinol product that contains alot of antioxidants?

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Stopped on 11/10/11 because of Liver Functioning and High Cholesterol.

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