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Am I Using Epiduo Wrong?

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Hey guys,

So I've been using epiduo for a few months now, and I've recently started using clindamycin-benzoyle peroxide gel as well.

Both of them say that I should apply a thin film to the "affected area" - what exactly does this mean? Should I be applying it to my entire face?

I've just been using it on active zits when they pop up, and A. This isn't extremely effective and B. This doesn't seem like a good way to reduce my acne over time. I mean, a zit on my chin doesn't know that I applied a spot of epiduo to my forehead, right?

What exactly should I be doing?

Thanks a bunch!

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I'm also prescribed hte clindamycin-BP gel, and I was told by my derm to apply to the entire face. It's half antibiotic half BP, so I think it's safe to assume that it treats, as well as prevents new acne from forming.

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