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Oh Gosh It's So Bad, And Zenmed Made It Worse

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Before I dive into the horror of ZenMed, I will detail background information about my skin.

When I was a teenager I developed acne. It wasn't really that bad, just teenage hormones. Fast forward to seventeen. I was getting pretty sick of having acne so I decided to go to my doctor, who sent me to a dermatologist. My dermatologist put me on antibiotics (every kind that you can possibly use for acne), birth control, Retin-A, Clindoxyl, Clindamycin, Benzol peroxide, Accutane (bad, bad BAD), and even a diet plan in the course of two years. (Expanding on my diet plan, or plans: I was vegetarian, vegan, raw-food vegan, raw-food alkaline diet, alkaline diet, gluten-free diet, dairy-free diet, sugar-free diet, drinking excessive amounts of purified water, drinking tea, getting around 8 hours of sleep, hormone balancing - as in maca root, and when that didn't work, I tried the opposite, saw palmetto (yes I am a girl, and yes I used these pills MONTHS apart,) Bikram yoga, regular yoga.) I think you get the point...

So now I am almost 21, I moved to a new city, with a new doctor, who thought to give Minocycline another shot, along with Clindamycin cream. The acne has subsided, but it is still VERY present, and every time she tries to take me off of the antibiotics the acne comes back in full force.

I decided I would give ZenMed a try, because of the great reviews it has been getting. Well almost two months later, I am on a lower dose of Minocycline, and the ZenMed acne kit I bought for $130.00 has actually managed to make my face disgusting. My acne was moderate to begin with, but ZenMed has managed to turn my not oily/ not dry skin into SOPPING WET oily skin. It is absolutely disgusting, I can wipe my face off as if it were damp from washing. I also have blackheads all over my face, whereas they were designated to my nose, and slightly on my chin before I used ZenMed. As well as little white heads everywhere, there is not a clear or smooth patch of skin on my face. I also have really red skin now. So I look really disgusting, and it only cost me $130.00 (I am being wickedly cynical.)

The most frustrating part in all of this is that I can't find a single review on the internet that says that ZenMed has made their skin worse/ waaaaaaaaay oily! When I spoke with someone from their company, she asked if I was using the moisturizer. I said well yeah (duh.) Because, according to this lady, not using moisturizer could actually make your skin oilier (I know that, I have acne and I know about moisturizer... grr.) But that was really all of the help she was.

If anyone has had similar issues with these products, please tell me, as well as what you did to correct this gross error. I am actually staying inside tomorrow, hiding from the world because I am so embarrassed by this.

Oh P.S., I don't wear makeup.

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I know how you feel. sad.pngsad.png I am breaking out with a good number of small zits around my mouth.. However, my skin is so smooth... like normal, but I still break out. I did research and saw some natural ways to make your skin very smooth and reduce redness... so far, I found Baking soda and aloe vera. I decided to apply baking soda twice a week and aloe vera twice a day, I do leave it on overnight. oompf.gif I am trying my best not to think about my acne 'cause that makes it worse! So I am just going to play games and ignore the fact that I have acne. Also, I'm still gonna go to the gym.

Try not to stress and think about your acne.

Best way to make your skin smooth and clear eventually:

Plant-based diet is the best medicine for everything.. That's if you consume at least 80% raw, mainly from veggies and fruits.

Exercising: cardio is great for skin and lifting a bit.

Thinking positive and try not to stress or think about acne.

I am doing these and my skin is currently very smooth and clearing up!

I am a vegan raw 100%. I feel better, have more energy, saving animals a year, glow skin, I look younger, etc.

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I just finished 3 months of zen med and my skin is finally clear. my neighbor used it and thats what inspired me to use it. i just used the capsules and acne gel so if you got a more expensive kit maybe it was just too many products for your skin.

But my skin is really clear now and I was just on here looking for a way to get rid of all the red spots on my skin. i also have some indents on my chin frommy sistic acne. i know zen med has a scar kit and i'm temped to try it but i haven't seen any reviews of it on here.

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