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Dry Skin, Adult Acne, What's Working For Me

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Hi everyone. I just wanted to share what has been working for me consistently after attempting many times to control my adult acne (I'm 28). I hope this helps someone who is suffering from acne and also has dry, sensitive skin so traditional treatments only destroy it further. I have been washing my face with Doctor Bronners Lavendar castille soap for a couple years now and that alone helped quite a bit. After finally finding something to wash my skin with that was gentle enough I struggled with finding a moisturizer that wouldn't break me out and a viable treatment to prevent breakouts. I found that Ponds dry skin (in the plastic jar with the blue lid) has been the best moisturizer, day and night. I like to keep things as organic and natural as possible but I tried several organic brands of moisturizers and they either were not moisturizing enough or they broke me out or both. I found with my skin type it's often just the dryness that causes breakouts because my skin barrier is compromised. Another thing that I discovered which has been amazing in preventing breakouts as well as moisturizing is Manuka Honey, at least OMF +16. Manuka honey is kind of expensive (you can buy it at Whole Foods) but trust me, it's worth the money especially if you're someone that has struggled to keep your acne under control for so many years (I am assuming all of you fall into this category since you are adult acne sufferers) it has antibacterial properties and moisturizing properties as well as antioxidants. I use jojoba oil to remove eye makeup (something I also tried as a moisturizer but it causes me to break out, great as eye makeup remover though) and I take omega3 supplements every night. I will write this down in regimen form below (it's much easier than most):


Wash with Manuka honey (let sit for 3-5 mins)

Moisturize with Ponds


Wash off makeup with Doctor Bronners Lavendar castille

Remove eye makeup with jojoba oil

Apply Manuka honey (leave on as a mask, anywhere from 15+ mins..I often apply the honey mask an hour before I'm ready to go to bed so that it can sit for awhile)

Take Omega 3 supplements

Rinse off honey mask (it comes off really easy) and moisturize with Ponds

For the ladies I would also like to mention some makeup brands that have worked really well and not broken me out. For a foundation I use Estee Lauder double wear LIGHT, I love this makeup. I have tried bare minerals (too powdery) and I ordianarily hate liquid foundations but this stuff is great and not too heavy but covers redness nicely. I really struggled with finding a blush that wouldn't cause my cheeks to break out in little bumps (must be mica) and I found that Josie Marans creme blush does the trick. Once again, these items are kind of expensive but they last a long time especially if you use a foundation brush rather than a sponge. I hope this helps some people, let me know if you have any questions or if you try it out and find any modifications that make it better or more natural. Good luck everyone.

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