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Stem Cell Acne Scar Treatment In The Usa Is Here! Can Anyone Vouch For Metromd?

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Hello all,

Preface: Many companies like Avita (spray on stem cells) are still under FDA approval so I was shocked to find this company doing something even more invasive.

Today I called into MetroMD. You can find them by doing a video search for "stem cell acne scar". I expected them to offer what most places around the world were doing, spray on stem cell with CO2 Dot Therapy. They have only been doing business for one year now which makes me wary of this company and would like to know if anyone has any additional information on them.

This is what I found out in the phone call:

  • 1 Year doing stem cells

  • Location: Hollywood

  • "Only 1 CO2 Dot Therapy session needed". They said that even if you had to do another one, they would comp the cost but haven't had to yet.

  • Bone marrow extraction of stem cells are from 1 to 2 billion as oppose to 300 million from fat cells. (most other companies doing fat cells)

  • 3 ways to penetrate the stem cells: Spray-on, injected, and intravenous.

  • They said they are one of the rare US companies out there now because they got their protocols from a university (never asked which) but it somewhat follows the newest protocols of burn victims.

  • Cost: It's a lot... If you thought Fraxel repair was expensive then look elsewhere.

Summation: They say that due to the way they retrieve the stem cells (no fat particles), the amount of stem cells, the way they introduce it into the body, that the stem cells over a period of a year will destroy the scarring because stem cells don't recognize scarring as healed and replace it with healthy skin.


My thoughts:

I've researched spray on stem cells like Avita (spray-on) with Fraxel Repair and looking for a Doc within a few hours flying from Northern California. I found this practice and it has me confused as to the efficacy of bone marrow vs fat stem cells.

Stem cell for acne scarring is finally here in the US. But is it really worth it?

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as far as I am aware about stem cell research for acne scars in general, it speeds up the healing process but doesn't necessarily improve final results.

Definitive results have been hard to evaluate because there have been no side-by-side comparisons, and those kinds of comparison are generally impossible unless both sides of many patients' faces have the exact same scarring (and this ignores the possibility that a specific side might be more affected by a treatment than the other for a variety of environmental reasons).

So far, it seems to work at least as well as a regular ablative fractional laser procedure, and the healing time is almost certainly faster. However, we're going to need lots of more results from all around the world to start building any correlative (not even causative) results.

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Their office is a block away from my work, yet I'm reluctant to pay them a visit. The fact that they don't have any before and after photos on their website is very telling. Also there are a series of negative reviews about their professionalism on yelp.

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Stem Cells can turn into any cell they want, So that might explain why they use bone marrow.

And DRaGZ is right, there is not really that much scientific studies showing the effects of Stem Cells on acne scars, even though in theory in sounds like it would work perfect with no side effects. Like this picture for example, taken in a asian country shows amazing results.

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I don't trust them yet, check their marketing video's. A lot of talk and no results.

Also to much bs around it as if they are trying to sell a broken car.

Then there is a patiƫnt testomonial without results.

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WOW, his body language speaks volumes. His eyes say he doesn't believe what he is saying and shaking his head is a dead give away.

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