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Indian Healing Clay Mask! So Excited To Try This!

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I haven't tried this one, but I do use clay masks all the time. I love any type of clay mask, honestly lol. Anyway, I think I'll try to find this one and I haven't even thought of adding acv in the clay instead of water, so with the clay I have now I'm going to add acv. I have tried green clay before, not this one, but a green clay powder (and this goers for all the other clay masks as well) and it didn't do anything to me until I changed my diet around. So I think if you are healing yourself internally already, and you put on a clay mask like this one externally sometimes, it definitely has it's benefits. I'm thinking acv with the powered clay masks make it even better, so I'm off to try that out.

Current regimen*

‚Äčmornings: wash face with warm & cold water, apply BB Cream (brand: undecided).

nights: wash face with warm & cold water, occasional clay masks such as Freeman's Oatmeal & Avacado mask, Miracle Clay, ext. Apply Johnson's Dreamy Skin Night Cream.

diet: no refined sugars, high fructoses, ext, ever. (fruit/natural sugar is allowed). Half gluten free diet, lots of water and vegetables. Overall very health conscious diet.

vitamins: a few time a week if not at all; 1 Cinnamon capsule, two small omega 3 fish oil capsules, & 1 "skin care" multivitamin. Not taken every day.

‚Äčother : if acne should occur, sometimes bp is applied. Otherwise, not yet decided on what really works for me yet.

*I used to use many products. Nothing ever really worked for me, or they just broke me out with all sorts of acne. It took me a long time to realize that and to find my perfect regimen. That is why my regimen is pretty simple, and 90% based on diet! Everyone has their very own regimen that will work for them, they just need to find it!

Currently 95% clear of comedones. 100% clear of pimples/cysts.

Time progress of getting my skin in control: 2 or so years

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