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Ponds B3 Clarant

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Although I've been struggling with acne/red marks and reading this site for 5 years, I've never posted before. However, after discovering Ponds B3 Clarant (for normal to oily skin), I feel the need to share my success in hopes that others will have a similar experience. I've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my red marks (ACV, lemon juice, emu oil, lactic acid peels, glycolic acid moisturizers, Vita-K acne marks, vitamin C serum, and a million other methods), and in just TWO WEEKS Ponds B3 has reduced my red marks by 90%. People are asking me if I'm using makeup because my skin looks infinitesimally better. I'm not saying that this product will work for everyone, but if you haven't already, just give it a try.

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