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2012: Get Clear Skin With Me!

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Hey everyone!

Happy New Year!

I have decided that 2012 WILL be the year that I GET CLEAR SKIN. I am

leaving myself with NO other option. :) Does anyone want to do this with me for support? Haha. I feel like right now

I am on the right path, I just hope it continues. Right now, I am using Acanya Gel from my dermatologist, eating really healthy (no grains, sugar, only grass fed, organic meats, and cultured organic dairy, organic vegetables and some fruits), I'm also doing a liver cleanse and milk thistle currently.

I have thought about getting chiropractic care to see if it will help my skin.

I have heard it does help with some people...

What's everyone else doing? Anyone want to join me?

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After attempting to treat my acne myself, I've decided to take the plunge and see a dermatologist.

First appointment tomorrow. I have a good feeling though, this is the year.

DKR user since October 11th, 2011

Regimen as of March 1st, 2013

-CeraVe Cleanser in AM/PM

-Better Diet


-1 gallon of water per day

-Green tea capsule

- Tea Tree Oil for spot treatment

80% clear

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