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Differin 0.1 Gel And Natural Products

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My skin: oily t-zone with whiteheads, dry skin everywhere else, flaky nose area, and whiteheads on cheeks and sides of faves, and occasional cysts on chin or forehead.


-Differin 0.1 gel

-100% clover honey (no additives or preservatives)

-Granulated sugar (if skin is feeling too sensitive, I use brown sugar)

-Lemon Juice

-Organic jojoba oil

*Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover

*Aveeno Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser

(*These cleaners aren't natural but they have never caused a breakout :D)

Month 1: I used Differin with the Neutrogena wash (I wore power foundation regularly). I didn't have a IB yet. My skin just became dry. Which was new to me because I was battling oily skin.

Month 2: The dreadful IB came. I didn't even want to leave the house. I had to reschedule my senior portrait. My skin was red, flaky, and covered in inflamed bumps. I relunctantly introduced my skin to jojoba oil. I say relunctantly because I feared it would either worsen my skin or make it oily and only "coat" it.

Month 3: My skin calmed down a bit. The papules were still there but all of the whiteheads on my cheeks were gone. The whiteheads on my forehead did not disappear. My skin was still dry.

Month 4: My skin only improved slightly. Because I was passed the three month period I decided to use Differin in the morning and at night. Don't do this with other retinoids they will breakdown in sunlight and cause negative effects. I smothered my face in jojoba oil at night and used two drops on damp skin in the morning.

Month 5: I stopped using Differin twice a day because the results were just battling dry skin and no improvements. I then began using a new regime which had cleared my skin almost completely. I still have a few scars left but whatever. Almost no acne!!!!

New Regime:


-Exfloliate my skin with either granulated sugar or brown sugar by dampening my skin and applying a paste mixture of sugar and water to my skin. I rub in a circular motion and rinse off.

-Don't dry the skin.

-I apply Differin to damp skin

-I apply 2 or 3 drops of jojoba oil to my palms and rub them together. I pat my face everywhere.

-I let this sit for a few minutes and then blot if necessary


-If I wore makeup, I use the Neutrogena wash. If not, I use the Aveeno wash.

-I apply a mixture of honey, lemon, and little sugar to my face.

-This step is not necessary but it helps with dripping. I cut strips of paper towel and place it on my face. Leave the eyes and mouth out of course.

-I leave this on for 30 minutes if I don't want to sleep in it or all night.

I used to use a egg mask once a week but because I am becoming a pescatarian I can no longer do this an not feel like I'm "cheating".

I now don't wear foundation makeup as much because honestly, I don't have to :] I put on concealer on scars on special occasions but the scars are fading as well.

I will update next month. Ask questions. Add comments. I plan on switching to either raw organic honey or Manuka honey soon because they are better products.

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I didn't do my night regime last night and now I have a huge... I don't even know what type of pimple it is. It's very red and inflamed. I'll update to see if the night mask will help. =.=

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