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Vitamins And Diet?

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Hey guys,

I used to break out ONLY on my forehead before (4 or 5 new pimples each time), but then my breakouts started occurring more on my cheeks and less on my forehead after a while.

Now, I only have a couple of pimples on my face, but LOTS of scars (especially on the cheeks).

I've started applying manuka honey on my face twice daily, then rubbing ice over the scars before dabbing some green tea on it.

I've also changed my diet (drinking lots of alkaline water, eating more fruits and vegies and cutting out on sodas and junk foods).

I am now getting less breakouts, and when i do, they are very small.

But my question is: Should i start taking vitamin supplements like Vitamin C and E for my acne scars???

I've read that multi vits with Iodine break people out, so i'm kind of hesitant with trying multivits.

Should i just take each vitamin seperately???


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