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I Am Going Paleo!

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New years is almost here, and I am 18, a virgin, loved by many, but don't love myself as much as I fake it!

I want to love me as everyone else does! You feel me!?

My acne use to be so much worse, but I'm still not clear! I got acne at 14, and now I am 18, with acne and kp (chicken skin)!

This is what I want to look like everyday!!!

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I have done some research, and then used common logic and reasoning. I mean grains if not processed would not be eaten.

I mean google wheat and rice in their raw form, they are not appetizing. Plus, over-consumption of these, plus the nasty processed sugars and fake meats, and not real food causes mineral deficiencies and broken bodies!

Once going paleo for a while, I am sure I may never go back, but the question is raised----will this cure me forever? Of course one has to keep up the healthy lifestyle, but I'm sure if you want to splurge once healed, then go for it!

I feel like candida will naturally heal itself if present! The body will get adequate nutrients and begin effective repair!

Peanuts are not available all around the world, and there are only certain foods the body has adapted to eating. I my be adapted to eating peanuts, but you may not! Each culture body and person has evolved differently!

The paleo diet is safe because it eliminates anything we may not be adapted to!

Watch the videos research and let's make this our new years resolution!

3 key points to consider:

· Grains and beans are high in a substance called phytate, unfortunately this binds to minerals and may reduce their absorption.  Obviously this may raise the chances of various mineral deficiencies.  There are 3 mineral deficiencies that are particularly significant to acne, these would be zinc, chromium and magnesium, and of these zinc is the most important.

Zinc: Appears able to reduce levels of the acne inducing IGF-1 hormone, activates vitamin A which has a key acne reducing action, exerts an anti-inflammatory action – acne is often inflammatory.  For more info click here:

Chromium and magnesium play a critical role in proper blood sugar control.  A destabilization of this through a deficiency of these minerals may lead to an increase in insulin output, a key driver of the acne process.  Excessive levels of insulin may lead to an increase in the hormones testosterone and IGF-1 that can promote the production of sebum and keratin, increasing the chances of blocked hair follicles, resulting in a greater likelihood of spots.  See this previous article for more information on the relationship of blood sugar control, insulin and acne:

· Grains are often consumed in a refined form, mostly as refined white flour products.  These are rapidly broken down in the digestive tract, destabilizing correct blood sugar balance.  This imbalance may result in excessive insulin levels, leading to the issues described in the paragraph above.

· Wheat maybe one of the most important grains to exclude for those suffering from acne.  Wheat contains a substance called wheat germ agglutinin (WGA), which evidence suggests may interfere with the normal functioning of insulin receptors, and may also enhance inflammation levels in the body.

The potential of WGA to interfere with insulin receptor function raises the possibility of destabilised blood sugar balance, which may lead to excessive insulin production, a promoter of acne as already discussed.

The ability of WGA to potentiate inflammation, would exacerbate the acne condition, as inflammation plays a key role in the acne process.

The paleo diet requires a significant change in dietary lifestyle, see this link for more information:

Link for above info ^^

DIETTTTT SO CAUSES ACNE! As the lovely English man says! You can take the person away from evolution, but you can't take evolution out of the person! Hence, evolution happen very slowly, and foods are being concocted faster than we can evolve to them. And human nature is, we are not going to shun people with acne, so that only those with perfect organs that avoid acne reproduce. That just won't happen. People with acne will reproduce and grow up in this corrupt acne conducive culture! We must revolutionize eating! Reinvent love!

Wonderful Paleo recipes!

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