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Beta Carotene For Oily Skin?

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we all know high doses of vitamin A is toxic, but i read beta carotene is not toxic and is another form of vitamin A, something like that.

Has anyone ever tried beta carotene for oily skin?


I only finished one month of accutane (Claravis 40mg) because my kidneys were high. i just took another blood test on 12/05/11 and my kidneys were still high, so i have to wait another month and retake. its been a month without accutane and my oily skin has come back, but no acne...yet.

Before accutane i tried multi vitamins, fish oil, zinc, vitamin C, milk of magnesia, masks, vitamin B5 (it did help a little only with the high dose, but im not comfortable overdosing on B5 for the rest of my life) and no dairy (im lactose). Nothing has helped with my oily skin.

Claravis 40mg started 10/12/11

Stopped on 11/10/11 because of Liver Functioning and High Cholesterol.

Recontinued 3/16/12 - Finished 8/25/12

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Beta Carotene will most likely not work in reducing the oil your glands produce. It's safer to try because it's not nearly as dangerous as regular vitamin A, but it's very unlikely it's going to provide results similar to accutane.

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