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Doxy For A Week, Will It Affect My Regimen?!?!

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For almost 5 weeks now I've been on a regimen of Epiduo + Lymecycline (Tetralysal)

I've been diagnosed with a serious infection and been told to take a high dose of Doxycycline instead for a week, and stop taking my Lymecycline, will this affect my regimen? i've had some decent success with this regimen so far and don't want to go back :(

They're both cyclines, so will my body just think it's the same?


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Month 1: 30mg

Month 2: 30mg

Month 3: 50mg

Month 4: 50mg

Month 5: 50mg

Month 6: 50mg

DONE! :)

161 Days, 6850mg, 103g per kg.


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