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Is It Okay To Shave With Lanolin Or Lotion?

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I was just wondering if it is okay to shave with a product that contains lanolin and lanolin oil(if it is the 12th ingridient)?

Also, is it okay to shave with cetaphil lotion?

How about aloe vera?


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I'm not a guy but I would say no, I wouldn't use lanolin or cetaphil.

I'm a huge nature/natural remedy lover, aloe vera is great stuff.

You can also try this stuff call Miracle II (roman numeral 2). Their line is awesome, regular soap, moisturizing soap, lotion & neutralizer gel (that in my opinion is BETTER than aloe vera, which is a bold statement from me). In addition to being great it's cheap and lasts for months. It's replaced almost ever cleaner/soap I have except for shampoo & conditioner.

You can find it at some health food stores or online.

I'll sometimes shave my legs with coconut oil but a lot of people can't put that on their face because it's comedogenic and can cause breakouts.

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