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Hello I`m back here due to personal reasons(I`d rather not dwell on myself,that is`nt my objective here) Basically I`m having reoccurence of past skin problems due to weightlifting and supplementation that goes with it.Basically lifting weights makes my already oily skin....VERY oily!

Two of my main objectives in my healthlife are 1.TO HAVE CLEAR SKIN 2. TO BUILD MUSCLE

I was doing okay with 1(daily use of copious amounts of 10%BP) until I attempted to do 2 aswell

During my time researching musclebuilding I have learnt alot about nutrition(though possibly not a fraction as much as some people on here)

Anyway I won`t state the obvious and state that surface skin problems like acne come from deep within and not just at skin level,this point seems too concrete.Still amazes the depth and variety of a few threads on here! Guess it comes from the notion of treating things at the site of exposure and also of wanting quick fixes.

Anyway I digress! The two most interestings threads on here that caught my eye and captured my attention are those by 1.MOONBASE and 2.WINGEDSERPENT

Simplified MOONBASE states that the bodies inability to process fats is the reason we have acne and advocates a high carbohydrate diet rich in fruits and vegetables and free of fats and processed sugar

WINGEDSERPENT advocates low dose b5 coupled with l carnitine(to improve absorption) and a high quantity of vegetables in juiced form with all processed sugar eliminated from diet.

Okay I like to tie these two regimes together with each other and Dr Lit-Hung-Leung`s early work on Pantothenic acid.

To me it seems these 3 theories all revolve around the bodies inability to metabolise fats.Moonbase advocates removal of fats from diet hence solving problem.Wingedserpent and Leung advocate B5 use in differant fashions to help metabolise fats.

To me out of all these 3 WINGEDSERPENTS seems the best and most practical approach to address acne and STILL function in our modern society.

WINGEDSERPENTS approach betters Leungs as it doesnt require megadosing of b5 due to use of L-Carnitine(although I will be trying this method with Acetyl L-Carntine personally) and it betters MOONBASES regime as it allows you to eat fat!

Okay going back to what I have learnt on nutrition or what I think I have learnt! And how it applies to acne.


When Dr Lit Lung Heung(Or whatever his name is!) said it was the inability of the body to process fats that was the real cause of acne I believe he was on the right lines HOWEVER when he states fats he is being way to simplistic.

Most of us know there are differant types of FATS and some are good some not

eg- Saturated fats,Monounsaturated fats, Polyunsaturated fats and Trans fats

I think we would all agree Trans fats are a big NO NO and most people stay awayfrom these ( Very rare to find hydrogenated fat added in products these days)

MOONBASE quite rightly put that Coconut oil is a fat that can be tolerated(It is a Saturated fat but medium chain therefore require no bile from the liver to be processed)

MOONBASE also stated that it is because of POLYUNSATURATED fats that we are in this mess in the first place.Genius statement!

I personally have switched from margarine to butter( do some online research on this) to avoid vegetable oils

So is it vegetable oils that are causing acne or it is all fats??

WINGEDSERPENT congrats on your regime I shall be employing your methods ASAP.Albeit using Acetyl version of L Carnitine.

One question I have for you is is juicing neccesary or could we just eat raw carrots and cucumbers etc? Or even supplement with Beta Carotene and whatever is in cucmbers??

MOONBASE you raise some interesting points(a few stated above) However I think your approach is impractical and most people wont succeed on it due to this reason.

Also MOONBASE you state sebum is not required by the skin to keep it supple(very intersting point and it would explain alot) Yet then you totally dismiss Heungs idea of b5 supplementation as ALL IT DOES IS REDUCE OILINESS???? Total contraindiction here if it sebum is uneccessary and is what acnes form from.

Okay thats enough musings for the time being!

MOONBASE and WINGEDSERPENT I eagerly await your ideas and responses to the above and of course everyone else aswell


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You can eat a high protein and fat diet with low carbs... That's what most people here advocate anyways. The key is where you get these fats and protein. Grass fed meats, coconut oil, sweet potatoes are my staples. There are plenty more posts on this than the others.

If you say you get acne from working out, your hormones are probably messed up. I would not advise anything near a high carb diet for this type of acne because that would just cause more stress on your body.

B5 is good for the adrenals, and helps metabolize fat. Do that. L-Carn has made some people break out. Look for those posts.

Why are you limiting yourself to only two people on this forum?

-Accutane twice - Worked for a little while, then it all came back. NOT WORTH IT! Read the Accutane research post (Including mine) to see how Accutane can screw up someone's body and even cause acne itself.

-Differin, EpiDuo, BP. Tazorac, BHA, AHA - have used all of these at some point but never been more than 90% clear with any.

-As of Nov. 2010 - Stay away from too many carbs, especially high GI carbs. We were made to eat raw foods, not anything from a box! Eat grassfed meats!

-Trying to heal my gut with L-Glutamine, Zinc, and a lower-fat diet. Also trying iodine/selenium supplementation for thyroid.

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