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Diy Natural Make-Up? Has Anyone Tried?

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I recently came across this article on Crunchy Betty

which talks about making your own bronzer/contour powder out of spices (sounds cool but i'm not sure I like the idea of cinnamon on my face). It got me thinking about different homemade make ups I've tried and one's I haven't.

I've commonly heard of people using cornstarch, arrowroot powder, rice flour or something similar as a sort of finishing powder. I myself have used cornstarch mixed with a mineral powder over my foundation with satisfactory results.

Another tip from Crunchy Betty is beet juice or berry juice as a lip stain.

I was just curious if anyone has any other DIY make up ideas or tried anything similar. I thought it would make an interesting discussion thread.

I would put a regimen in here, but truth be told, I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I'm looking for a new regimen.

Trying a new diet: less dairy, low GI foods

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I definately have worn the lip stain made from beets, I don't wear bronzer though and have never heard of that makeup..i dont think theres such thing as really natural makeup but, they have makeup that has less toxic and less economical ingrediants.

I'm serious.

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