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What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Hi everyone,

I have had acne since I was an adolescent, and I am 23 now. I am excited about this site because of the positive reviews and a great interactive design. My acne I guess you could say is mild at the moment, and has fluctuated since it began around 10 years ago. I went to dermatologists, I went on differn, tetracyclin, proactive, accutane, you name it.

Nothing has ever really worked.

Now, I'm trying this regimen. It has been four weeks, and I haven't seen much of an improvement. I bought on-the-spot for BP, cetaphil for lotion, shave with one of the razors suggested in the regimen, and cleanser is the clean & clear that is also recommended on the regimen. I've just ordered the official products to try instead. My results haven't been much. It is still red/inflamed around my mouth and breakouts occur.

I have kind of grown used to my acne. It is primarily around my mouth. My cheeks, neck, forehead, everywhere else is perfectly clear. I just have these spots and breakouts. I've handled it until this point I feel confident when I talk to people, I have girlfriends, I go to the gym, etc.

It is just always there. And it is embarrassing.

Sorry for the long intro, here are my questions.

Every time I shave, it irritates my face. I shave with the cleanser as my shaving cream, and I can't stand how it looks when I'm done. It is always red and inflamed. Any one have extra tips for shaving because every time I do it it reminds me how broken out my chin/mouth is and it feels like I'm taking steps backward from the regimen. I try to shave gently and don't go over pimples too much or anything like that.

I sleep with a fresh towel over my pillow every night and put it in the hamper each morning. Does anyone else do this and have you had any positive results? It feels like its helping since I don't wash my pillowcase every single day and with the towel over it I'm not laying in the same oils that might have collected over night.

Moisturizing seems to have the same effect as shaving. It makes the spots obvious and red. I prefer to have it slightly dry and kind of falling-offish instead. I know I should moisturize but I just can't stand the way my face looks greasy. Suggestions?

This sucks. I can't explain it any other way. Its always there and its always embarrassing. I really want this regimen to work and am really trying to be patient. I just want it gone and I haven't seen much improvement in these first four weeks. Hopefully trying the official materials will improve it.



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hi :)

4 weeks is around the time youre supposed to break out more, so you should expect it to get better by like 8 weeks-ish (remember its supposed to take 2 months to get clear, but some people on here take even longer. and then you still have red marks and stuff to worry about. so just keep being patient)

im a girl so i cant really help you with the shaving stuff...

i think a towels too harsh on your skin, especially if you sleep on your side. you should change your pillowcase or get something softer, but imo the whole changing your pillowcase every day doesnt make that much of a difference. i change mine every 4 days/week

dont stop using moisturizer, just blot your face really gently with a tissue if its greasy

and yes, the stuff is better than on the spot (in my opinion haha) the BP is a gel so your skin absorbs it better

good luck!

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." - Dr. Seuss

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Thank you for the advice :). Two other things;

Will switching to the official products reset what I have done so far or will it be four weeks from this point to hopefully start seeing results?

Also; tanning. I used to go indoor tanning often and would like to start that again now that the winter is coming. Will this negate the effects of the regimen? I understand the short term effects of tanning might initially improve my skin, but could I go and just cover my face and don't put any lotion on it? Ideas/thoughts are welcome

Thanks again everyone

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Switching over to Dan's BP (which I think is the most helpful of his items) should only accelerate your progress, but there's nothing really wrong with the over-the-counter products you've been using. I would try not to get too caught up in a time-line for success, but what you've been doing is fine. I would just be patient.

As far as tanning, I think Dan explicitly discourages that somewhere on this site. Excess normal sun exposure is even discouraged, as that can aggravate your sensitive skin (and Dan recommends using moisturizer with SPF if you do go out in the sun for extended periods of time) . Extremely concentrated artificial tanning lights can, I only imagine, be worse.

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Dan's products are the best and give the best results. Usually people with any sort of real acne troubles pretty much need the official products, at least from what I've seen / been told.

As with shaving (I'm not a dude but have a husband) make sure you soak your face in warm water before to help soften the hairs and minimize pulling effects of razors. It's good that you're being careful around the pimples. I worry that maybe you should stop shaving for a week and see what happens? Depends on how fast your beard grows I guess, and how comfortable you are with some hair.

The point you are at in the Regimen indicates that redness and dryness is normal right now. I know it's tough but it does go away in a few weeks.

Also don't tan! BP makes your skin more sensitive and not only will you likely burn and make your redness and acne worse but you also increase your risk for skin cancer, and that's no fun!

Hi, I'm Kaila.

I do the DKR with Cetaphil cleanser once a day (usually at night) and 1/2 dose BP. Sometimes I use AHA+ in addition to moisturizer but not much anymore. 100% clear for months and months! (Keep in mind that when I started, I needed to do the full-blown Regimen for 3 months before I could start cutting back)

Feel free to PM me!

Sorry for being gone so much. I'm trying hard to be here for you guys more.

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