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Jonathan's Roaccutane Journey (It's A Bumpy Ride!)

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Hello Everyone!

Firstly, just a brief intro cause I tend to turn into a rambler wink.png

I'm 18, will be 19 in December and I've been on a 30mg course of Roaccutane for just coming up to one month now.

I'd be really daring and say that i've had acne, (because that's what the doctors/dermos have described it as) for coming up to 5 years now... but I really don't feel this is the case. Whenever I see a picture of someone, or even someone in the flesh that has been punished with bad skin that looks painful or uncomfortable - and I put myself in their shoes... then I describe that as acne. For me, i've just not been blessed with clear skin... I would not say i'm plagued with acne - I just have stubborn spots and lumps that don't go away for the majority of the time!

I cannot tell you how much money I have wasted on, quite frankly sh*t products that just don't do anything for me... in this case, I would agree that this could be called acne, as my spots don't seem to respond to anything! I sometimes kid myself that these products actually do improve the condition of my skin, but then the next day seem to make it worse. I have concluded that I must have skin tough as old boots in this respect.

I can't call it a waste of money (cause I have never payed for prescriptions) but other 'treatments' that have had little or no effect on me are: Tetralysal, Erythromycin, Duac, Differin,Zineryt. I'll be honest, I feel absolutely blessed to be on Roac, because compared to some poor people on this site, I have relatively nice skin compared to them.

I wish I'd have taken some pictures at the start of my course, cause people wont be able to compare them... But alas, I will post a picture of my skin a couple of months ago, and today (1 month on Roac) and however slight, you should be able to see an improvement!


This was me in February 2011... As you can see, no real spots on cheek bone/nose area, just stubborn spots on my chin... I can remember them being really painful! Also this is really the only picture I could find of it being 'bad' cause I don't like having my picture taken anyway, especially not with a face full of spots!


Sorry for these AWFUL pictures, but this first one shows how the spots have spread more to my cheeks, and definitely inbetween my eyebrows (stubborn things)


This highlights the fact that because i have quite big pores, it's really easy for me to get quite a lot of blackheads on the top of my cheeks... really painful! And inbetween my eyebrows again!


I think this last one just shows how my skin's quite marked with small red spots everywhere - it's why Roac was prescribed to me, cause the Dermo wanted to prevent further scarring!

Basically even though my skin is no where near as bad as some other people's out there... I do know what it feels like to be down about having spots! One thing I will say about the current state of my skin is the fact that it feels really smooth on my cheeks at the moment - I think thats basically what Roac does... smooths the skin out then stops spots all together, then finally reduces red marks and repairs skin!

If you need any more info or want to ask me anything feel free please smile.png really glad I have the opportunity to do something like this!

Peace out everyone!


PPS. Sorry for the massive pictures :/

Told you I rambled!!!

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Looking good, Jonathan! All the best for the rest of your course! :)

Thoughts become words
Words become actions
Actions become habits
Habits become character
Character becomes destiny
It is time to change my destiny

You look like a guy I banged once.

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