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Do Blackheads Ever Go Away?

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1) If you leave a blackhead alone, will it go?


2) Over time, can you outgrow blackheads as you do acne? I've outgrown acne (zits etc) for the most part but now I get horrible blackheads on my nose. Will these disappear too one day?

God I hope so.

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The pore needs to be purged before it will go away I think. But don't try and pick because you'll make it worse and probably won't get it all out. Blackheads aren't even bacteria it's just a clogged pore with sebum. Black because it oxidized.

You need to talk to your derm about reducing oil production in your skin first and then after that maybe look into some physical treatments to reduce your pores? I'm no expert but this is kind of what I'm dealing with if you want to look into my current treatments that I have listed in my signature. But yeah blackheads don't generally go away on their own, you have to kind of help them out with a product or get them professionaly extracted.

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Nothing has worked for me = (

I have heard good things about Mandelic Acid, so I'm gonna try that. But it seems like my blackheads are permanent = (

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