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Advice For My Scars Plz

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Im new to the form, but visit the site quite often. Ive struggled with acne my entire life (now 26) and even though it was never as severe as some of the others on this site.. the acne gave me terrible scars. I am so paranoid I WILL NOT wear my hear up or show off the sides of my face. Looking for advice.


- I had acne from 12-18 without seeing a dermatologist. My mom and I would wash my face thoroughly each morning and night. I tried many over the counter creams and face wash- none worked

- When I was 18 i went to a dermatologist and she gave me differin and benzaclin- they worked wonders and within 3 months i was clear. The differn gave me a MAJOR initial breakout and I still had many red spots/ ice picks/ ugly dented look.

- 5 years after i started to really notice clearer skin. I never really thought my kin was nice back then, but looking back at photos, it was. I was still so paranoid and couldnt help but be disgusted by my face every time i looked in the mirror.

- The products were expensive so i decided to try life without them.. i tried neem soap! it appeared to work so i ditched differin and benzaclyn.. BAD CHOICE

-Within no time my face brokeout and i had terrible acne.. i went back on differin and benzaclin but i had a major initial breakout..

-Ive been clear for about 5 months, but suffer from terrible scaring.. my face just looks bumpy!

i tried Jeuvaderm and all that did was scar my face more:( Coolglide didnt work either.

Does anyone have advice on how i can tighten up my face?? i really dont want to keep spending money if these treatments dont work.

PS: i spend so much money on makeup its disgusting :P

Thank you all so much!


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well, I dunno if this helps, when my derm put me on doxycycline and epiduo I was breakin out like crazy too and had awful scarring.

I go for a hydrating facial once a month and two of the ingredients used were hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid) and fish collagen.

I won't say that my scarring is gone, but it's much lighter.

Ever since, I try to include natural sources of hyaluronan, fish collagen and Vitamin C into my diet. I think that helped too. So you can try to add these ingredients into your diet if you wanna try something cheaper??

I hope this helped somehow :D

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