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New Trifecta Clears Skin Fast.

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if your on the regimin by all means continue. Theses are things that i've added put results into hyperdrive.

1) Bedtime mask of aloe vera gel mixed with epson salt - a little messy to apply but once it hardens your skin will feel suuper tight and crusty. go to bed, wake up and shower the hardened mask off. it will dry the bejesus out of your zits but thanks to the aloe will not redden.

2) Daily intake of a bottle of vitamin water multi v lemonade (not vitamin zero water) - has all the nutrients that make my face clear up and reduces oozy face big time.

3) No coffee no milk. (and plenty of H20) - sucks but i've found that some coffee makes me break out more than others. til i figure out whats doing it i've cut it out completely. but indulge on a sunday morning perhaps..

try this. i hope it works for you as well as it has for me.

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