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Seeking Informed Opinions!

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Greetings fellow acne sufferers,

I dip into vitamin supplementation for the first time in my life! Not overly excited by it, but it beats buying antibiotics that's for sure. Now my story is acne sufferer since about the age of 18/19 now im turning 24. Never done too much about it or been bothered about it tbh which is good for my health but also not so good on my skin appearence/condition! Lately though i really want to break new barriers and achieve further improvements in my skin and possibly eliminate acne all together. Even though i would be happy with 90% clear :D

Currently i am living off a fairly strict diet. Diagnosed with fructose malabsorption has lead to cutting out wheat primarly but pretty much gluten aswell, i've stopped dairy as i know it causes cysts in my face, slowly reducing carb intake and modifying my exercise to eliminate weights as all these things cause flareups in me. Well i'm not sure how much wheat/gluten contributed but i have to give it up nonetheless.

So at my best im about 70% clear on my face, with back having slight red marks scattered around nothing serious but chest is failry concentrated and positioned in the center which i put down to weight training and hot showers exacerbating the condition. I've started having shorter and more cooler showers which seem to help slightly.

I would like to strive for another 20% improvement in my acne and find the last missing links. I sometimes wonder that i have reached my limit and i am just forced to live with the remaining acne but i would ideally like to think i have a little bit more in my locker to help me fight it off.

So this is where the addition of supplements comes into it and perhaps i reveal some vitamin deficiencys or just highlight some organs that aren't really doing their job effectively namely liver and digestive system which are linked with acne i believe.

I went out and grabbed this Swisse Hair, Skin and Nails supplement:

I would like to hear opinions on it if you have used it or if you haven't, what you make of the ingredients included. From my understanding, it has Zinc which has been linked with acne and some sort of herb to help with liver detoxing. Now i'd prefer a more balanced multivatmin with things like B-complexs and maybe some VITD and A but for now i've bought this to last me 2months and see if i can note any changes. I would plan on using it for 3months before changing to something else.

Sorry for long post :)

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