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Accutane causing me to be constipated? (5 years later)

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5 years I took poison, a.k.a Accutane.

Ever since I've had nothing but trouble and my body seems to be breaking down one part at a time.

About a year ago, or about as long as I now can remember, I started having difficulty passing stools.

Here's the big worry for me:

- I drink roughly 4 litres of water a day (I still get dehydrated easily)

- I eat very healthy, including lots of fruit and veg

- I've tried many supplements, including digestive enzymes and probiotics and nothing helps.

- Even taking Chinese bitters which are supposed to help and - nothing.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I'm twenty-sodding-one and I'm having to worry about going for a sh*t!

This isn't right.

F*ck Accutane to hell.

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i am having accutane problems as well. finished my 4th round at the end of 2009 and have been having problems since then. my stomach bloating is the biggest concern to me. i don't change my diet and eat real healthy but for some reason my stomach has just become huge. anyone who says it has nothing to do with accutane deserves a big slap in the face. i know my body and it was never like this before the tane and plus other people have gone through the same thing as me. my stomach problems is also affecting my concentration/memory. i know it's weird. i regret to say that i used to love accutane. how stupid i was believing accutane was a miracle drug. now it's really opened my eyes and i try to be more smart about these dangerous drugs.

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