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Anyone from Europe? Moisturizer??

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Hey everyone,

I'm searching for a gread moisturizer, which should be availble in Germany. At the moment, I'm using the avene CleanAC, which is great, but it left my skin very shiny and since i'm a guy, i dont like to walk around so "creamed" in my face. So, bottom line, is there any really good moisturizer availible which leaves the skin matt??

Thanks, SIMON

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Hey Simon.... Ich benutze von "La Roche Posay" das "Toleriane Fluide".....

Super angenehm und kein bisschen fettig! ..... Und das wichtigste: Nicht komedogen

Liebe Grüße

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Helo Simon!

I'm from Hungary and I ordered mine moisturizer from strawberrynet(free worldwide delivery) which is boscia clear complexion moisturizer.

I have extremely sensitive skin tha's why I use this because it's alcohol-free, pH balanced, fragrance-, and color-free too.

It doesn't leave greasy residue on the skin and it absorbs really quickly.

On this page have reviews about the product.

I started a blog about my acne story and how I figured it out what caused it!

And I'll write the solution - which is not medicine or some specific

skincare or something like that, a simple diet and a little exercise is the main cure . :) Have you heared about IR? I'll explain it in my blog what it means and why and how cause the acne and all that other things if you have IR, too.

But of course that the skincare is also very importent but it is not the key.


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