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High Progesterone and Zinc levels... (Blood)

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Hey : )

I'm a male, age 21, some blood results came back from a walk in clinic (the doctor didn't discuss these levels) - two things stand out:

PROGESTERONE: 3.0 (0.3-2.7 NMOL/L)

ZINC SERUM: 25.7 (11.5-18.5 UMOL/L)

Looking it up, high progesterone can causse acne and excess oiliness, along with thinning of facial hair in men, and hot flashes... I have these three issues :P I don't have man-breasts though.

I am losing hair, but apparently high progesterone is good in helping prevent pattern baldness.

I'm assuming my copper is low with a Zinc level that high, I was supplementing 50mg Zinc for a while, but have stopped recently, so that would explain the high levels.

I don't think I should get any blood work done too soon, as my Iron/Ferriten is at 41 (should be 70+), and blood loss lowers it (I am supplementing iron now).

I'll be seeing family doctor in a few weeks or so, but does anyone know if the high Progesterone or Zinc is a serious issue? I won't worry about it, but I'd like to know if anyone has some experience with high Progesterone (especially in men). My thyroid, testosterone and estradiol level was fine.

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