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Anyone else in the UK Struggling to find Panoxyl 2.5%? I've phoned every single pharmacy in the West Midlands, and even a few in Wales and every single one is sold out, all saying that loads of people keep asking but they can't get any in as they're 'Having Manufacturing Problems / Making a new batch' what ever that means.

Does anyone know of anywhere which has any?

Also, on this topic, I switched to Oxy on the Spot when they had none, and I found that my skin definitely wasn't as dry and red as with Panoxyl, but it made my skin a little too Oily and also caused me to get more whiteheads, didn't break me out though. Anyway it's expensive so I'm on DUAC (free on perscription atm) but it's not really working out, do I switch back to Oxy? Is Panoxyl going to come back?

Please guys - my skin was FINALLY clearing up before this fiasco.

WAH. :cry:

Accutane Log:

Month 1: 30mg

Month 2: 30mg

Month 3: 50mg

Month 4: 50mg

Month 5: 50mg

Month 6: 50mg

DONE! :)

161 Days, 6850mg, 103g per kg.


Simple Cleanser

Aquamol Moisturizer

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Yup that's exactly what my local chemist said too - something to do with the manufacturer. I normally get Neutrogena On the Spot shipped from the USA on ebay (some people offer free delivery) but it still works £3 more than Panoxyl. The only panoxyl my local chemist had was the 5% cream and 10% gel... decided to buy the former, just hope it doesn't dry me out too much!

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h t t p : / / w w w . e

also amazon have it there too :surprised:

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What got rid of my mild acne!

Panoxyl 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide

Now to fight blackheads and whiteheads :(

differin cream 0.1%

Tea Tree oil

Duac one daily benzoyl peroxide - to kill any red inflamed pimples or breakouts 4/5

Sudocrem to reduce redness 5/5

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Panoxyl BP gel is available on amazon

It's rubbish! It's like a gel and not at all powerful.

OXY on the spot is the best BP in the UK. It's 2.5% BP and you need to use it twice a day. Costs £4 and only available at Superdrugs if youa re looking at high street stores. Family bargains also have them for 99p!

You mentioned that your skin became oily and you had whiteheads after using OXY? Erm... that's not suppsoed to happen. Are you sure you are using it correctly?

FACEWASH > OXY > Moisturiser 15-30 mins. later on THE OXY covered areas. X twice a day

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