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Using BP and Azelaic acid together

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Has anyone had experience with using these together, for example one in the AM and one in the PM?

I just started using AzClear 20% (like Azelex) in the AM after cetaphil gentle cleanser, and BP Benzac AC 2.5% in the PM after cetaphil cleanser.

Really hoping this will get me clear.. Please let me know what your experiences were!


What my skin needs is consistency, and Proactiv actually works for me. By receiving the shipments routinely, it keeps me from falling around from product to product, confusing my skin.

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Dont do it!!!!

I left you a message on my log

Anyone else considering this should read the last convo on my log.. especially around late august 2011 for a discussion with other people and ....

for my own account of the pain it caused me xx

you were warned!

Morning: Wipe skin down with Salicylic acid containing face wipes

use Azelaic Acid on all acne prone skin

Evening: Bath: wash with PEARS soap then wash hair with Head & Shoulders (condition ends of hair once acne prone skin parts are out of bath)

use Azelaic acid on all acne prone skin

(Last adapted Autumn 2014)

My skin is now "normal" clear!! Thankyou to everyone for all your support!!

my finacea log including my September 2011 summary video (link is for the start of it, copy and paste as the link won't work directly):

Doing Yoga/practicing mindfulness, this has really helped me alot! Trying to eat better for my immune system

i.e. more veg and fruit plus trying to eat low GI, drink lots of water and get enough sleep.....

Wash your sheets and towels twice a week!!

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