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Tetracycline (500mg x 2 a day) and Acanya and Atralin

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So i started just about the end of June and Have been Taking 1 gram of Tetracycline ( in divided doses of 500mg twice daily) and Spot treat with Acanya in the morning and Putting Atralin gel at night (every other night for the first month) and well about 5 weeks in i was starting to see results, my initial breakout wasn't major, but it was an initial breakout consisting with about three big sized zits and about 10 other small or tiny zits. In about week 5 i started to get very minimal acne, nothing big anymore, but now on Aug 11 i got another big sized zit, ( i have to mention I went off of Tetracycline for about 3 and a half days in between Aug 4-7, because i thought it was affecting my hearing, turns out it was just clogged up earwax,)

SO now i dont know if i just made a bad move on staying off antibiotics for 3 days when it was starting to work..after this,i did get like 5 zits , but only 1 was really big and the others went away for about after 4 days.

Anyways, I like the Atralin gel because it seems like a more tamed form of Retin-A Micro and it actually has not made me Reddened severely or crack... I have been putting this on every other night for about 5 weeks and then after that i have been trying to make it to putting on this stuff for atleast 5 times a week so its now like " two days in a row, skip one day, and again two days in a row", which is what i am doing now.

Anyways, the Acanya spot treatment is like BP 2.5% with Clindamycin and i really hate spot treatments, since they only work because a zit is present,,,but i really dont have much to say about this,,,if it is working it doesn't seem to burn my skin or worsen my acne, but i do just use a tiny spot treatment on my pimples to avoid unnecessary redenning of the skin, but you dont need to overuse this stuff. and yess it does bleach clothing .

Prices. : Tetracycline 60 count 500mg each for $4

Acanya spot treatment : $50 with manufacturers coupon.

Both were purchased at Sams Club.

I haven't paid for Atralin Gel because my derm has been kind enough to give me like 11 tubes of samples, so i still have left overs from the last visits. I would say the prices are a tad expensive for the Acanya since it is $50 , but i still have lots and lots leftover ,, its about 2.2 oz big and i only spot treat so it should last for about 3 months or more... I have only purchased 1 tube since i have started.

Anyway... as of now i give this treatment a 3 out 5 since i have seen some improvement, but the relapse makes me worry that it really wasn't working, but those 3 days off of antibiotics could have been the case...

Either way, imma go back to the derm on Sept 5 and will post an update...

Overall this treatment is for mild but persistant acne, and the creams i have used dont seem to be so harsh...

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1 year later update.

I stopped Atralin and Acanya after i went to the derm on Sept 5. I dont know when i started Using Tazorac as my mind is a little blurry of the Details but I was on Tazorac .5 and my dermatoligist was like " Ok now try Tazorac." , Then i was like "ok". Then after 3 months i went back and my derm was like "Wow Tazorac helped you " and i was like " Yeah it actually kinda works (but i knew it only "kinda" worked ). Since then i have been on and off different cleansers while using Tazorac for at least 8 months. And today I have 1 pimple in my forehead two under my eye and nose area. One on my nose that is going away. Two right next to my sideburns. and one on my lower right lip side area and one near the top of the left side of my mouth.

I have 8 pimples in total. I think my derm did a deservice to me when i told her a year ago that i really wanted Accutane and she told me to wait out for all these trials i have gone through. 8 months of Tazorac should be sufficient evidence that i need something better.

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