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Silica for acne scars

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Hello, everyone I am posting and I'm going to share with you my progress on taking silica 6x for acne scars

my scars are minimal ice pick, a couple tiny indents only noticable in harsh lighting

I have taken silica before it was "enerex bamboo silica" tablets

and it made my stomach really flat, a bump on my neck turned black and fell off

I got a lot of energy, I broke out a bit in little bumps but it went away after a month

and i notice now that i had little holes near my cheek, and it was slightly indented

they seem to have almost joined together the skin I mean..... it's been since

may since I stopped silica because I just ran out

soooo tomorrow I am starting silica 6x

for about 3 days I'm going to take 1/4 of the recommended does

then for another 5 days take 1/3 of the recommended dose

then for the next 6 days im going to take 1/2 of the recommended dose

then move to the full dose after than with minor adjustments if needed...

-this is just so my body gets used to the silica slowley avoiding (hopefully)

the terrible initial breakout, well at least making it a little less intense

Here we go folks

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Also I believe I am a silica personality

- very cold hands and feet

-very focused on small details

-low self confidence

-very tired all of the time

-hard time focusing and carrying out mental tasks

-dry hair, dry brittle nails, skin is acne prone but is naturally very dry



because silica works on people depending if their bodies need it or not.

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