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Help! Ziana, Klaron, Benzaclin.... too much.

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I finally saved up the money to go see a dermatologist for my moderate acne (forehead, cheeks, chin). Honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed with my visit. The derm seemed to be in a huge rush. She talked to me for about 15 minutes, barely asked me questions about my acne (in fact, none at all really) and barely looked at it up close. She looked at me for a few seconds, prescribed some stuff, and walked out. I didn't even get a chance to ask her anything.

She prescribed:

Ziana (night time)

Benzaclin (morning)

Klaron 10% lotion (morning)

I was instructed to use Klaron all over my face before using Benzaclin.... but that seems SO harsh. I think she also quickly mentioned (before rushing out) to use a 3% BP face wash both morning and night. All of that seemed extremely harsh for me and I opted to use a gentle cleanser (I use the CeraVe Hydrating even though my skin is oily) instead.

I was instructed to use ziana at night.

Now.... I'm really confused about using BOTH klaron and benzaclin in the morning. I did that today, and my skin started peeling and just looked really... red. I tried using just benzaclin alone and my skin felt a lot better. Has anyone ever used both klaron and benzaclin in the morning?

Also, can anyone recommend a good moisturizer to use? I have clinique's ddmg on hand and aveeno bleish clearing moisturizer with .05 SA as well.

Thanks so much for your input! :)

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