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RAW potato kills acne

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Hey guys, ive had cystical acne about 3-4 years, on and off. This has been most painful time in my life. This time period i've tried everything, tetralysal, accutane, every possible diet...

My skin type is oily. Thats very discusting, when you wake up and all your nose and forehead are so shiny and slippery.

This journey is everybodys own, no one cant tell to somebody like: your acne will wanish if you rub your face with baking soda...

About a week ago, i started putting raw potato on my face again, last time i put it on was like a year ago - acne vanished and i stopped all the regimen... couple of months later you prolly know what came to visit again.

Lets kill it

Okei, its time to take RAW potato and grate it... make sure its an juicy potato! When u have grated it, then take the grated potato and put it on your face.

It has to cover all your face! Red marks, cysts, scars and everything. Leave it there untill it drys(it can take and hour or more, depends how juicy potato is). When the potato grate on your face is totally dry, then you can take it off with your hand, or wash it off with warm water.

Wait about and hour and make yourself a new mask.

I personally make 2 masks per day. No oily skin at morning, or at all.

Now, potato is worked for me like wonders, my red marks went away in 2 days! Most of my forehead is clear now, cheeks are clear, but i have couple of red marks left.

Guys but i must advise you to get antibacterial sope because this is gonna be a backup incase some people get oily skin during waking up or at late night... but thats a very very small chance..

Now i hope you'll gonna get good results, hoping to get feedback.

Have a quick clearing!

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