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I'm new and starting accutane!

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Hello :)

I come to this site all the time for reference so thought I should finally join!

I'm starting accutane 40mg in a few days so any advice/tips are greatly appreciated.

Quick history; I'm 18 and have had acne for 5 years, doctor said it was cystic (yikes! :wall: ) and derms said lot's of terms...

I've tried lots of topicals, antibiotics and different birth control with no success over the years so we all decided accutane was the next step. I had my blood test this morning so if all is well, I'll be beginning the course in a few days.

Glad to be hear, do chat!


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I am not sure if you are still logging into this site considering you are all clear! yay! but i just started my accutane course about two weeks ago and so far, so good. But I read through your blog just to get an idea on a week to week basis, now im nervous for whats to come! What lotion were you talking about that helped you? any advise? I also wear a face full of makeup so the dryness hasn't been a problem quite yet but how did you deal with makeup and dry skin when it did become a problem!?

Thank you so much for writing this blog. I kind of went into this blind because it was my last resort and my doctor just told me I have mild acne and it would be a short course. I don't know what to expect with the initial breakout or anything! ahhhh! any advice would be so helpful!

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