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How to improve acne routine/ health to get rid of this stuff (Long)

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So let me start out by apologizing for the length. Sorry! I just wanted to give as much information as possible. Thank you in advance if you sit through this!! :D

I have hormonal acne. I'm pretty certain about this even though my endocrinologist did not find anything in all the many tests he put me through *I went to an endo because my derm took a blood test and found that my testosterone and DHEAS levels were pretty damn abnormal for a female. However, when I went to my endo, he did more tests and they all came back normal. It should be noted that when I started to go to my endo, I began dating a lovely man, felt happier, was using African Black Soap, and my acne was clearing up a little. BUT, still more than 6 months later and tests have come back normal.* I break out when something really stressful happens, during a change (when I started to work out and changed my diet I immediately broke out), or before/after my period.

I have been exercising more and eating a diet with less carbs/more protein (and not just meat protein, I don't like too much meat). No fried food, no fatty food, no junk food, only the occasional soda (like twice a month at most), coffee 3-4 times a week, and plenty of vegetables. I take: Vitamin A fish live oil (8,000 IU), Calcium (600mg), Fish Oil Omega 3 fatty acid with EPA + DHA (720mg), Vitamin D with D3 (1,000 IU), Biotin (2,500mcg), and a Super B Complex that has [Vitamin C 150mg] [Thiamin 100mg] [Riboflavin 20mg] [Niacin 25mg] [Vitamin B6 2mg] [Folic Acid 400mcg] [Vitamin B12 15mcg] [biotin 30mcg] and [Pantothenic Acid 5.5mg]- all of this is taken 3-4 times a week and not everyday,

In the morning I wash with honey and water. Use Garnier Moisture Rescue moisturizer with SPF 15, and apply makeup sometimes, mineral and ones that I know won't break me out (there are some weeks where I don't wear makeup for around 3 days or more just because I don't feel like it even though that's hard for me). In the evening, I wash my face with African Black soap, tone with a witch hazel, green tea, and rose water toner that I make, use tretinoin cream, and maybe apricot oil on dry spots (or neosporin on raw or areas that popped, I DON'T pop them!). 3-4 times a week, I do a yogurt mask with lemon and honey. Once a week I exfoliate with baking soda and steam my face for 15mins with a few drops of tea tree oil.

I've been dealing with acne for 3 years now and it started after I got off of Yasmin. It is better as it is mostly on my cheeks and chin now instead of all over. But, I still get maybe 4,5,6,7 nodules, sometimes cysts, and a few whiteheads. My cheeks are still red because there are so many scars healing and I have some scarring. I'm just getting really tired of all of this and want it to just go away for good. I don't care if I get a pimple or 2 here or there, but I want my face to be generally clear. My face, more than once, will get around 40-50% clear then break out again for whatever reason! And I don't change anything during that time either!! I'm tired of this constant fight and losing it!!

Is there anything that I should change or try to improve? I'm thinking of using apple cider vinegar as a toner. My derm wanted me to go on accutane but I refused.

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