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Acne and Ethnicity

What's your ethnic background?    42 members have voted

  1. 1. I wanted to know if there is an ethnic background that tends to have the most acne-suffers. I know people from all backgrounds can have acne, but is there a group that is more prone to it? So, what's your ethnic background? (Choose 1 or 2 if you have a combination of ethnicities).

    • White/Caucasian
    • Latino/Hispanic
    • Black/African Amercian
    • Middle Eastern/Arabic
    • South Asian
    • Asian
    • Aboriginals
    • Other (sorry if it was not mentioned above)

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lol you racist, of course black people can get acne...i've seen just as many of them with acne as whites... asians... hispanics.. and the rest.

Maybe tribes .. like in brazil 'untouched by society'... are the exception to acne.

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I'm usually talking in reference to my clogged pores/blackheads etc.

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I think that people of every race can get acne. The person with the clearest skin I've ever seen and the person with the worst skin I've ever seen were Asian. She's a Chinese girl with a gorgeous complexion, he's a Korean with horrible cystic acne.

I've also seen blacks, whites, mixed race, everything. I think acne is just a human condition, lol. Maybe it has to do with lifestyle, instead of race.

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Every race CAN get acne except black people. Black people never get acne.

I suppose all the black members of Acne.Org are just making it all up then!

There is a page about acne & black skin on this very website:-

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One research study that compared acne prevalence and severity between white and black women found the following:

1. Black women had higher rates of acne overall, and tended to have more severe forms of acne than did white women - this was true for teens, and women in their 20s and 30s.

2. However, after age 40, white women had higher incidence rates of acne than did black women.

3. Scarring, and hyperpigmentation was more frequently a problem for black women than for white women.

The article was in dermatology times a few years ago, but I don't have the exact reference.


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