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New Age Hippie Fern Sniffer's Guide

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I figure what the hell, I'll go :ninja::ninja: deep with this one and make myself a logbook. Even if nobody's interested I can keep track of how things work for myself, and I promise to be as honest as as I can. I tend to habitually lie to inanimate objects like computers and journals, so it's gonna be a one foot in front of the other type deal from here on out.

A quick recap from my introduction: I've had mild to moderate acne for about ten years now. Stopped using harsh products because I found that my skin flaked and dried and looked terrible, plus I still broke out. Now using Dr. Bronner's tea tree soaps which work alright but leave my skin feeling a little dry. I moisturize after I was my face with some stuff in an orange bottle I got from Trader Joe's (ha). Worked great for a while but now I feel like my face is greasy as opposed to moisturized and I'm looking for something new.

My issues are with blackheads, raised bumps (not sure what the names are), pink scarring, large pores, picking and very occasional cystic acne.

I am a picker. My face, my chest, my back and my arms/shoulders. I feel like along with habit it's also stress relief for me so I am working to change the habit into something else and also lower my stress levels. I'm a clinical whackjob (ha), dealing with a multitude of issues that probably make the picking worse.

I know this is an acne forum but I'm kind of a hippie and I think a healthy body often begets a healthy face and healthy skin, therefor I'm probably going to be talking about running, calorie counting, what I eat, stress relief techniques, etc. as well as what I'm using topically to treat my acne.

I am vegan so I won't be using any animal-derived ingredients or products wherein animal testing was used in its production. The less chemicals there are in the product the better. I live with my boyfriend and two cats-we are on a very strict budget so I will most likely not be using anything that costs and arm and a leg.

If you're interested, keep watching. If you're not, I'll be here anyways so poo on you. :boohoo:

"It's hard to say. Sometimes people have had terrible childhoods. And sometimes they just haven't found their special place in life. And sometimes they're dogs from hell and must be destroyed."

— Charles Addams

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