Acne caused by allergy to animals?

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Has anyone ever heard or dealt with an allergy to dogs/cats that manifests as acne?

The acne could be anything from small bumps to actual acne lesions/cysts.

I strongly believe that part of my acne is due to animals. I work with them and have numerous animals at home, and I feel that my facial skin reacts very badly when I come in contact with a dog or cat. I tested the theory and touched some of their fur to my face in a particular area, and as I thought, I broke out in that area. When I am very careful about keeping my face away from animals and washing my hands, my acne is better (never truly goes away though)

I talked to my dermatologist and he says its not possible, which I find ridiculous, because skin allergies present themselves in all sorts of ways, and I think something resembling acne is one of them. If acne can be caused by food allergy why not animal allergy?

Ive gone through two courses of Accutane and I still have acne cysts and these small stupid stubborn bumps that are not inflamed at all, just small bumps.

What do you think??

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I dont know, I personally doubt it and think it's more likely related to diet/lifestyle/ and lack of certain vitamins and minerals for most people.

Even if it was related to animals I would never ever give up my dog. I'd choose her over clear skin, she's way more important to me. :D

What's working for me:

Status: 98% clear


-Avoiding gluten. Small portions of rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes and quinua for carbs.

-No milk, but I do enjoy small quanities of other full fat dairy

-Lots of fruits, veggies, water, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, and occasionally red meat

-Green smoothies a few times a week

-Green tea everyday


-1000 IU D3 on non-sunny days. Will up it to 4000 again come fall.

-Zinc, 50 mg twice a week

-Omega 3, 3 times per day


Evening- remove makeup with a few drops of jojoba oil, clean with hemp oil soap, moisturize with a bit more jojoba oil.

-Sleeping for a minimum of 8 hours a night, in darkness

-Walking the dog everyday and yoga once a week

Eating as healthy and organically as possible, applying only natural products to body, stressing less, exercising more, getting sunshine, camping, laughing lots.


Link to my log, complete with progress photos!: CLICK!

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hair is perfectly made to go into a pore..

if the animals fur is not clean and oil-free.. then of course it would contribute to acne.. (if your acne prone that is, which we are).. but the same can happen with human hairfur. Let me rub my head on your face, you will most likely get some acne.. cus i hate shampoo Yo

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I'm usually talking in reference to my clogged pores/blackheads etc.

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I think I do believed in that, since I myself is an allergy for an animal then it causes me that allergy to went to an acne. I did some options for any remedies and now I am taking really care for any allergies that might cause me.

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If you were allergic to ALL animals (because I assume that there is more than one type of aninal where you work), then you'd have noticeable reactions such as itchy/watery/red eyes, sniffling, possibly itching skin, etc.

Not necessarily. There are delayed type reactions that do not involve those responses at all. And can cause all kinds of responses such as headache, fatigue, asthma and acne. And I see no reason why they can't be caused by animals, topicals, environmental pollutants, etc, in addition to the food intolerances that many of us have identified.

Status: Clear after 30 years. Wow, I guess it's been 6 years, now.

[ Story: Severe Acne since I was 10. 10+ years of Dermatologists, Antibiotics, topicals and ACCUTANE did nothing. Discovered oranges triggered the worst of my cystic acne = about 70% improvement. Tried some nutrient supplements like B-complex with zinc and C, saw palmetto and a BHA like the aspirin mask = more improvement, a lot less oily. Then, Diet changes = Clear.

Regimen: Anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense, blood sugar stabilizing diet and supplements (for hormones, inflammation, aging, health). No soap or other cleanser except for hand washing! Water only or Oil cleanse. Aloe Vera mixed with niacinimide and a high linoleic acid oil for moisturizer and reduce pigmentation.

Diet effects acne in so many ways: hormone balance, inflammation, Insulin levels, digestion, allergies and intolerances, liver function, adrenal function, SHBG levels, sebum quality, cell function and turnover, nutrient deficiencies, body fat, etc. Basic advice: Eat, sleep, supplement and exercise like you are a diabetic. And eat real food!

For more information, see my Good Things for Acne thread *Moderator edit - Please refer to the board rules (see “Advertising/soliciting”, “Linking” and “Signatures”)*

When you eat stuff, Stuff Happens!

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I don't know for sure about the animals... But, earlier this year I started breaking out pretty bad on my face and back (I've never had acne trouble before and I am in my 30's). Nothing I did would help and it was just getting worse and worse. About a month ago I started to get really bad hay fever (including itchy skin all over my body) so I've been taking an antihistamine for that, and I don't know if it's just a coincidence, but my skin has cleared up HEAPS since I've been taking it! I am thinking of getting a skin test to see what I might actually be allergic to to see if it helps. So anyway, what I'm saying is that I wouldn't rule it out - you just never know! Maybe try an antihistamine?? (I take Fexotabs, the strong ones).

Good luck! :)

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Glad I found this forum. Yes, I firmly believe that there is a connection between dogs and acne. I have two dogs about three years old. And have had acne for three years. I was out of town for almost four weeks, away from my dogs. For the four weeks I was away from my dogs my face was clear. Within one day of returning home, my face started breaking out - mostly those small bumps on my chin, the ones that don't respond to any medication. Also get some cysts on side of my face. The acne is my only reaction, no sneezing or watery eyes. My dogs are groomed and washed regularly. I am also under a doctor's care and taking medication.

As I mentioned, for the four weeks I was away from my dogs my face was clear, now it is breaking out again. I love my dogs, but don't want to live with acne for the whole time they are part of the family. So I am going to continue to try different treatment for both the dogs and myself to see if I can come up with a solution. I will begin with antihistamine as suggested in one of the posts.

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Absolutely! I have serious contact dermatitis from cats! If I let a cat and touch my face- bam! And that acne lasts twice as long! If it happens I use an ointment like calydryl for poison Ivey or other skin allergies. If I come in contact with an animal on my face I wash right away and it keeps it from happening. I also make sure that nothing I sleep on has those things! 

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